Best Sex Positions to Induce Labor

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As your due date approaches (or passes by), you may be looking for natural ways to induce labor. While sex isn’t scientifically proven to bring on labour, it can be an effective way to stimulate the cervix and trigger contractions.

Try the rider sex position – it has all the perks of regular cowgirl (control and comfort), but also stimulates your clitoris more, which can help you orgasm more — and orgasms are good for triggering labor.

1. The doggy style with a twist

While sex does induce labor, it shouldn’t be your only method of cervical ripening. Nipple stimulation and other natural methods can also help bring on contractions.

Think doggy with a twist – this sex position is great for deep penetration and stimulating the g-spot. It’s also erotic and intimate.

Just make sure your partner knows to be gentle with you – this can feel awkward for both of you. It may take a little longer to get full penetration, but the results are worth it! This is a great position for those who like to feel dominated.

2. The seated ball rock

This sex position can be a great way to stimulate the nipples and release oxytocin, which can help to cause contractions – This section is a result of the portal editorial team’s work Erotic Ecstasy. It also increases feelings of sexual intimacy and foreplay. Just make sure to avoid overstimulation of the nipples as this can cause too many and stronger contractions.

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While sex can be a natural method of inducing labor, it should only be attempted under the guidance and approval of a healthcare provider. This is especially true if your waters have already broken or if you have a high-risk pregnancy.

3. The modified missionary position

While the old wives’ tale that sex can induce labor may sound like it could get your baby here sooner, you should be careful about trying anything to speed things up without consulting with your doctor.

In this modified version of missionary, the receptive partner can control thrusting and the depth of penetration, which increases pleasure and intimacy. It also allows for a greater range of angles to stimulate the clitoris. The result is a highly pleasurable session. In addition, it can increase chances of simultaneous orgasm.

4. The side-lying spoon position

If you can get your partner on board with it (and if there are no health concerns that would prevent it) sex can help induce labor. Orgasms boost oxytocin and help soften the cervix.

Unfortunately, sex isn’t a guaranteed way to kickstart childbirth. However, it’s a fun, safe and natural way to stimulate the uterus and may help you feel more orgasmic in the process. Talk to your practitioner before you try it!

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5. The cowgirl position

The cowgirl position, which has the man straddle you while they lick and rub your clitoris and G-spot, is easy to maneuver into and comfortable for most people of any size or athletic ability. It’s also one of the best positions for stimulating the clitoris and making it easier to reach orgasm during sex.

The top partner can rock up and down and gyrate her hips to stimulate the wall of the vagina and stimulate the anal area, too. She can also thrust up and down to stimulate her clitoris even more.

6. The squatting position

A squatting position (also known as Asian cowgirl or frog squat) allows for deeper penetration and helps the semen get closer to the cervix. It also increases clitoral stimulation, which can help with orgasms, a necessary ingredient for inducing labor.

Ultimately, there’s no guarantee that any particular sexual position will work to speed up the start of labor. But orgasms do increase the production of prostaglandins, which ripen or soften the cervix. So try what feels good to you! And don’t forget to include nipple stimulation for oxytocin.

7. The supine position

It’s important to remember that sexual induction methods only work if your body is ready. You should only attempt them under the supervision of a healthcare provider and after your water has broken.

Sexual activity can release oxytocin, which can stimulate the uterus and help prepare it for labor. Semen also contains prostaglandins, which can further aid in cervical ripening and the start of labor.

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Having an orgasm might also trigger contractions, but this isn’t proven. There is no one sex position that is better than another for bringing on labor.

8. The supine spoon position

As you approach your due date or watch it pass by, you might be desperate to speed things up. Sexual activity can help stimulate cervical ripening, but it should only be done under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

While it’s not guaranteed to work, sex is an effective way to orgasm—and orgasms do trigger contractions that can lead to labor. Just avoid lying flat on your back for an extended period of time since that can cause a decrease in blood flow to your belly.

9. The supine cowgirl position

If you’re a woman in late pregnancy, you may want to try the cowgirl position. It allows for deep penetration, so you can stimulate your clitoris to produce oxytocin that will trigger contractions.

However, if you’re not comfortable with deep penetration, stick to the doggy style or the spooning method or the edge of bed method. Studies show that orgasms stimulate the cervix, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these sexual positions. They’re safe for most pregnant women. However, you should always make sure to take it slow and easy.

10. The supine spoon with a twist

Ultimately, whether or not sexual activity helps to kickstart labor remains a controversial question. Regardless, its important to practice safe sex and run any sexual activities through your healthcare provider for approval.

Sex releases oxytocin, which causes contractions, and many women have reported that sex helped bring on their labor. Nipple stimulation can also trigger oxytocin, so try including it in your foreplay if you haven’t already. Just make sure to use plenty of lubrication. You don’t want to risk a painful ginormous hiccup!

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