Best Sex Toys For Lesbians

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Bringing toys into the bedroom can be an exciting addition to any sexual experience. However, many sex toys are designed with heterosexual sex in mind.

Lesbians need toys that are made with their anatomy in mind. These toys can stimulate anatomically specific erogenous zones including the vagina, vulva and clitoris.

Gigi 2 Vibrating Dildo

This LELO toy is a workhorse, and a very popular choice for G-spot stimulation. It comes with 8 different vibration patterns ranging from a subtle murmur to intense buzzes that will make you tremble. You can also adjust the intensity of the vibrations as you please.

The Gigi 2 is shaped to mimic the shape of a penis, and has a flat tip that helps it find the G-spot better than a regular vibe or dildo. The Gigi 2 is shorter than most insertable toys, but is still long enough to reach the G-spot on most anatomies. It is also lighter than most insertable vibrators of its size, making it easier to handle during play.

When using the Gigi 2, it’s best to use a good quality lubricant before insertion. Once lubed up, angle the head downward and slide it in until it hits your G-spot. Once you’ve found your comfort zone, start playing with the different modes to discover the best vibrations for you.

The Gigi 2 is fully waterproof and can be used in the bath, shower, or ocean. It’s easy to clean, too; just spray it with a water-based lube and give it a rubdown with antibacterial soap before and after use. Like all LELO toys, the Gigi 2 is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Thruster Build Your Own Dildo

If you’re into non-phallic sex toys, or simply want a toy that can do it all, the Thruster Build Your Own Dildo is an excellent option. This set comes with four toys that can vibrate, thrust, swing and heat, and is one of the best sex toys for lesbians for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal penetration.

The Abbey Prime head has a smooth, tapered shaft that inserts easily at.75 inches and can reach a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches at the base. It has verticle ribs that can mold to the clit and create unique sensations. If you like the idea of a head that’s shaped more like an anal, the Walter is another option. It’s wavy, bubbly and futuristic in design and is great for exploring the butt.

Velvet Thruster also has a mini version of their machine thruster called the Teddy TX. It’s smaller, has a suction cup for hands-free play and is the cheapest of all the Thruster machines.

Each Thruster toy is made of body-safe, silky smooth medical-grade silicone and fires up for an orgasmic 125 thrusts per minute. They’re waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower, but shouldn’t be submerged. To use, apply a generous amount of water-based or hybrid lube and slid the dildo into place for a powerful, intensely pleasurable experience that never falters.

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Callie Bullet Vibe

Whether you’re looking to get started with anal play or just want a small, simple vibe that feels good, we recommend this cute little bullet vibe from Maude. This gender-neutral toy is made from a smooth, soft, and sexy platinum-grade silicone that’s RPhA passed and FDA grade, has three speeds, and comes in a convenient canvas zip pouch with a USB cord.

The design is aesthetically pleasing, with a pale gray body that’s symmetrical and has the feel of a baby’s bottom. Plus, it’s made of skin-friendly material that’s 100% waterproof and carries a one year warranty.

This clitoral vibe has a classic bullet shape that’s easy to grip, and the point is tapered to focus on the G-spot for a satisfying sensation. It also has a pliable shaft that bends during penetration to hit the different hotspots of the vagina, says Kassel. And like the Gigi 2, it’s a powerful toy that’s also fun for a partner.

This plug is a favorite for lesbians, women, and non-binaries because it’s a great starter toy for anal play. It’s easy to clean, durable, and has an elegant design with a tapered tip that’s perfect for anal stimulation. The plug is also very strong, and it has a number of vibration strengths to choose from. Plus, it has a sleek base that unscrews to reveal the charging port.

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Tomboii Boxer Brief Harness

The Tomboii harness is a full-coverage harness that looks like your favorite pair of boxer briefs. The internal securing strap fits around your lower waist and hip, which means you’ll never have to worry about chafing buckles or dangling straps getting in the way of play. It’s comfortable enough for everyday packing, and it’s also great for pack & play or intimate anal play with a partner. It’s also compatible with dildos with balls, and you can even use it with a double dildo!

It has two elastic O-rings that can support toys up to 2.25″ in diameter, which means it’s suitable for both penetration and anal play. The O-rings are covered by fabric flaps that allow you to choose the position and level of sensation for your pleasure, and there’s an internal pocket that’s perfect for stashing condoms or lube samples.

It’s made in the USA from water-loving materials and is machine washable, so you can enjoy a little wet fun without worrying about chafing or irritation. It’s breathable and lightweight, so it’s comfortable to wear all day long. It’s also perfect for everyday packing or to use with a partner, and you can even wear it to the beach or pool if you want! It’s available in nylon spandex and black, and it has a sizing chart to help you find the best size for your body.

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