How to Get Free Sex Toys Online

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The Orgasm Gap is real, and one website is aiming to close it by offering free sex toys online. Sexy Liberation is an organization that wants to ensure that women who cannot afford pleasure have access to a selection of vibrators and other toys.

Be sure to read the terms and faq’s before participating in any giveaways. For example, some companies require you to make a video or write a review before giving you a toy.

Sexy Liberation

Sexy Liberation is a website that offers free and deeply discounted sex toys to “those who are less fortunate, curious, or both.” To get a cock ring, butt plug, or lipstick-shaped bullet vibrator, just hop on their site, add your choice to cart, check out, and wait for a discreet package to arrive.

Seexy Liberation’s goal is to empower women to explore their bodies and sexuality on their own terms – This quote was taken from the website It is often difficult for people in poor communities to purchase sex toys, and their lack of access can lead to unsafe sex and poor sexual performance. By offering free sex toys, Sexy Liberation wants to change the conversation about sexuality and give women confidence in their own sexual abilities.

BBoutique is another company that offers free sex toys, but it does so in a slightly different way. The website asks users to answer a few questions about their preferences and matches them with their soulmate vibrator. Once the questionnaire is complete, a free toy will be shipped to them in discreet packaging with their name only appearing on their credit card bill.

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Lovehoney also offers a free sex toy program for their product testers. The company is a popular sex toy retailer and has a large range of high-quality products, including lingerie and bondage kits. The sex toy program allows them to test new products before they launch and get valuable feedback from their customers.


BBoutique is an online sex toy store that offers free sex toys to anyone who subscribes to their newsletter. This is a great way to get the latest updates on new products and promotions. Subscribers also receive free samples from the company and can take part in seasonal giveaways. The website is operated by a woman-owned company and features products made exclusively for women. In addition to offering free sex toys, BBoutique also has an excellent customer service department.

During the coronavirus pandemic, BBoutique offered a giveaway of vibrators to everyone in North America. The prize included the popular BuzzFeed AirVibe, as well as a range of other vibrators from BBoutique’s sister brand, Bellesa Boutique. This by-women company’s carefully curated collection includes vibrators, anal dildos, couples toys, and lubes.

Unlike other sex toy companies, the Bellesa Boutique site does not require an age verification to sign up. The website is designed to empower women and promote sexual self-care. It also includes a sex toy quiz, which matches users with their “sex toy soulmate.” The company has discreet shipping and billing practices, as well as a friendly FAQ page. The site also has an excellent community of women who support each other’s pleasure journeys. The company’s goal is to make orgasm a human right, and their sex toys are a testament to this.

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Dame Products

Dame Products is a company led by women who focus on sexual wellness. Its minimalist lineup looks and feels sexy, with sleek silhouettes and soft colorways. Every gadget is designed in partnership with the company’s clinical board of doctors and extensively researched through Dame Labs, a community of 10,000+ real people who help ideate new toys, foster safe conversations around intimacy, and test prototypes.

The company’s first toy, Eva, is a hands-free couples’ vibrator that fits on the clitoris and stays in place during sex. It features three intensity levels and is made from medical-grade silicone. The company’s second toy, Fin, is a between-the-fingers vibrator that can stimulate both the clitoral hood and the palms of the hands.

While the product testing program is free, it does require you to write reviews and promote the toy on social media. In addition, you must disclose that you received the toy for free in your review. In addition, it’s best to use a non-affiliated link in your post.

While Dame’s toys are not cheap, they do offer a return policy for the ones you don’t like. However, this only applies to the toys you buy directly from the company. Toys bought from other retailers are not eligible for a refund or exchange. This policy is a good sign that the company has confidence in their products.

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Many sex toys are available through wholesalers. These are companies that sell sex toys at discount rates, and they often provide special coupons and discounts to their customers. These companies also offer a wide range of products. Some are even able to deliver a single toy to a customer for free. However, this is not always possible, as the company may have limited resources and cannot fulfill every order.

Moreover, some sex toys are only available at select retailers. These are companies that specialize in selling adult sex toys, and they usually have a reputation for high quality. The founders of these websites are usually very dedicated to their mission and have a clear goal in mind. They want to make sure that their products are easily accessible, and their prices are affordable for most people.

One of the most popular sex toy wholesalers is Lovehoney. This company has a reputation for excellent service and great quality toys, and its customer support is top-notch. In addition to offering a wide selection of toys, Lovehoney offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Another sex toy wholesaler is 1on1Wholesale, which was started in 2000 and is one of the largest adult wholesalers in Europe. It hosts sex toys from 70+ brands, including Bound, Doc Johnson, Fleshlight, LovingJoy, NassToys, and Sliquid. The website is easy to use and has a wide range of product categories. It also offers a variety of shipping options, including express and international.

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