How to Know If You’re Sexually Attracted to Someone

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If she laughs at your jokes or teases you a bit, this is usually a good sign that she’s into you. Laughing triggers the “love hormones” and enlarges pupils.

Playful touching is another sign of sexual attraction. She might rest her hand on your shoulder or arm during a conversation or laugh at your jokes.

1. You’re thinking about them

While some signs of sexual attraction are easy to spot like back arching and holding eye contact, others may go unnoticed by many people. But it’s important to pay attention to the small things that can indicate you’re attracted to someone.

For example, if they always remember your name, reference your date nights together, or bring up details of your day-to-day life, this is usually a sign they’re interested. They might even include kissy face emojis and winks in their texts – These data come directly from the portal’s authors Sex Holes.

Another common sign of sexual attraction is wanting to touch them more often. This can be as simple as touching their arm or shoulder or a playful pat on the shoulder. It may also be a sign that they’re noticing your body language and mirroring it back to you. To learn more about decoding female subconscious communication cues check out our guide on how to read a woman’s body language.

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2. You’re nervous around them

It’s completely normal to feel nervous around someone you’re attracted to. This is because, as a result of sexual tension, your brain starts to evaluate whether or not you and this person are compatible in a romantic or sexual way, even if you don’t explicitly mention these intentions.

You might notice her twitching her eyebrows or biting her lips as she talks to you. These actions are often a sign of sexual attraction because, when you’re attracted to someone, your body produces chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine that impact your pupils.

You might also see her angling her body towards you or mirroring your own body language in ways you’re not used to seeing from others. This is known as interactional synchrony and it’s another clear indicator of her sexual interest in you. You might also find that you bring up her name in conversation a lot—another symptom of sexual tension.

3. You’re changing your voice

When you’re attracted to someone, your voice changes when you talk to them. Your pitch increases or decreases depending on your mood, and your tone becomes more flirtatious. This is actually a good thing, because it’s been found to make you more appealing to others.

Another sign that you’re attracted to someone is when they become the focus of all your conversations. This is called “mention-itis,” and it’s a surefire way to let them know that you’re feeling something more than just friendly conversation.

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You also want to keep an eye out for prolonged eye contact, because that’s one of the clearest signs that there’s sexual tension in the air. And if your friends are constantly pulling you aside after watching your interaction with this person, it’s definitely a good indicator that there is, indeed, sexual tension involved. It just may not be mutual.

4. You’re mimicking them

Weird as it may sound, people often imitate those that they’re attracted to. It’s actually one of the oldest ways that humans communicate and it can be a pretty good indicator of sexual tension. This is called interactional synchrony and it’s based on the fact that we tend to copy the body language of those we like. It’s a little bit of a hidden sign but you should watch to see if you’re mimicking their movements or even their voice.

If they’re making eye contact constantly that’s another clear sign of sexual tension. You’ll find that you can’t look away from them and you’ll likely want to hold their gaze as well. People around you will notice this as well and it can be an indicator for them as well. Just make sure that they’re okay with it!

5. You’re feeling embarrassed

For some people, especially those who identify as demisexual, sexual attraction doesn’t occur until they form an emotional connection with someone. So, if they’re spending a lot of time with you and are constantly looking at you, it may be a sign that they want to be more than just friends.

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If you find yourself blushing when they talk to you, it’s a sign that you’re sexually attracted to them. You might also feel a rush of adrenaline when they touch you and/or kiss you.

If they’re teasing you, it’s another sign that they are attracted to you. This could be a playful way to flirt with you, or they might be trying to see if you’re into them romantically. Either way, it’s a surefire sign that they’re interested in you.

6. Your heart rate increases

One of the first signs you’re sexually attracted to someone is when your heart rate increases around them. This happens because of the same adrenaline and “fight-or-flight” hormones that are released when you’re frightened.

You’ll also notice that your palms become sweaty when you’re around the person. This happens because of a specific pheromone called androstenol that’s produced when you’re attracted to someone. In addition, your body is releasing dopamine and serotonin, the happy chemicals, when you’re around them.

You’ll also begin to mimic their movements and their posture when you talk to them. This is a behavior known as interactional synchrony, and it’s an important sign of sexual attraction because you want to emulate the person you’re attracted to. It’s usually a good indicator that you like the way they move and speak.

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