How to Make a Sex Doll

There are many reasons people decide to get a sex doll. These include foreplay, kink play, or as a replacement for a real partner.

Sex dolls are primarily made of TPE or silicone. Their manufacturing process can take days and requires multiple trained workers.

Start by building the genitals of your sex doll. You’ll need a king-size pillow and a potato chip can. Open the bottom seam and move around the stuffing to make room for the can, then insert the can and use flex tape to hold it in place.


Makeup is an important part of the sex doll experience. It’s not only used to create a more alluring appearance, but also to enhance sexual pleasure and encourage fantasy. Whether your love doll is naked or wearing a wig, makeup can transform her into the perfect partner for your sexual desires.

While most sex dolls come with a light standard makeup variation, you can easily add more sexy makeup to your doll. However, it’s essential to use only sex doll safe makeup. Otherwise, the heavy pigmentation can stain the underlying TPE or silicone skin.

It’s also advisable to clean the doll’s orifices immediately after each use and wipe her down with soapy water regularly. You can also lightly powder the doll’s face with baby talcum powder to protect her skin and avoid friction damage.

For a more luxurious look, you can also apply sexy eye shadows and lipstick to your doll. Just remember to wear a pair of gloves to prevent the makeup from smearing or running.

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Another sexy addition to your sex doll is nail polishes. You can choose a color that compliments her eyes or overall look and apply it with a small brush. Lastly, you can also apply nail extensions and lashes to your doll. However, it’s best to avoid them if your love doll is prone to allergies.


Sex dolls can be customized to fit a person’s unique preferences and desires. There are many ways to configure a love doll, from her eye color and body type to her hairstyle. Using a custom-made sex doll is a great way to have fun and enjoy the company of an attractive companion.

A sex doll can be configured to look as natural or exotic as the person who owns her. The wig on a love doll is an important part of the overall look, and it should be washed regularly to keep it clean and healthy. Adding fiber oil to the hair will make it easier to brush and style.

Depending on the quality of the doll and how it is used, the wig will wear out faster or slower. The wig may also be damaged by harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to sunlight. A sex doll should be brushed and washed with a mild detergent or shampoo and water.

Changing a sex doll’s wig is an easy and fun way to change her look. This is especially beneficial if you get bored of a particular doll’s appearance, and it can help her feel fresher and newer. Many lovers find running their hands through the doll’s lustrous hair to be very turn on, so it is worth putting the effort in to maintain her tresses.

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If you’re looking for a new look for your love doll, consider getting a pair of eye lenses. These will give the doll a more exotic appearance, and are available in many different colors. However, you need to be careful when installing them. Make sure that the eyes are properly fitted, or they will not stay in place.

Another great way to enhance your sex doll is by making a hairstyle. You can use a wide variety of objects to do this, such as clips, twist pins, ponytail holders, scrunchies, and bandanas. You can also add a small amount of glitter or sequins to the hair to make it more enticing.

You can also find a range of accessories for your sex doll at online stores. These include lingerie and sex toys, which can be used for masturbation, as well as lubricant. You can even buy a penis attachment for your doll, which can be used for intercourse.

You can also purchase a sex doll head for your TPE or silicone doll. This will allow you to experiment with different facial features and create a realistic-looking doll that will enhance your experience. These are more expensive than a regular doll, but they will be worth the investment in the long run. Just remember to treat your doll like a human, and don’t throw it around.

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Facial Contours

The facial contours of a sex doll can be altered to give it a specific look. These features are designed to appeal to the senses of users and provide a more realistic experience. This allows users to feel more involved with the doll. It can also help them explore their sexual fantasies in a safe environment.

Depending on the manufacturer, sex dolls may have different shapes and sizes. Some have a more petite figure, while others have a fuller body and are made to mimic the appearance of a celebrity or another person. They can even be customized to match a user’s personal preferences.

While most sex dolls are designed to satisfy sexual desires, they can also meet spiritual needs. Users can also find comfort in a sex doll’s soft texture and life-like appearance. This makes them an ideal companion for anyone who is looking for a kink-filled hobby or for a new way to relax and unwind.

Sex dolls are often made of high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting. However, they must be kept clean and cared for properly in order to stay in pristine condition. They should be cleaned after every use of their orifices and the rest of their bodies should be clean at least once a month or whenever necessary. For this reason, it is important to use talcum powder on the body of the doll and avoid getting it wet.

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