How to Make a Sex Swing

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Whether used for anal sex or penetrative play, a sex swing is an intensely kinky tool. These types of swings also allow for foreplay and can be angled to arouse the partner inside.

Getting your hands on one doesn’t make you a depraved fiend, either. There are a few different ways to make one in your home.

Platform or Hammock

This platform sex swing features a large, 5” padded strap that promotes comfort while the adjustable stirrups reach down to the thighs. It can hold up to 450 lbs and has a massive headrest for added privacy. It is ideal for couples who want to explore the depths of their bondage fantasies without tiring out or needing to change positions frequently. It’s also great for beginners who are unsure of what to expect with their first floating sex session.

A door-mounted sex swing is perfect for couples who don’t have the room or desire to hang their swing from a ceiling. The thick straps hook over a door frame and can be shut to keep it secure in use. These sex swings are easy to install, but they aren’t as stable as stand-mounted sex swings.

A sex swing stand is a good option for couples that don’t want to drill holes into their home or are concerned someone else will discover and use the sex swing. These stands are similar to easels and can support a variety of sizes and designs of sex swings. They are also portable and come with a carrying bag for travel.

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If you’re the creative type, making a sex swing can be fun and rewarding – These words are a testament to the portal author’s unique voice You’ll feel a sense of pride in your creation once it’s finished and you can customize it to suit your needs. However, if you’re not a seamstress or have limited time to dedicate to the project, purchasing a pre-made sex swing may be a better option for you.

The main thing to consider when selecting sex swings is the material they’re made from. Some sex swings are more comfortable than others, and this is especially important for people with sensitive skin. The material should also be thick enough to ensure that the person in the swing doesn’t experience too much bodily constriction.

Other factors to consider include how the sex swing is mounted and whether it’s ceiling-mounted or a stand model. Ceiling-mounted sex swings require you to mount hooks on the ceiling, which can be tricky and time-consuming. A sex swing on a stand can be placed in a door frame, which is great for people with weak ceiling structures or who live in rented apartments.


One of the most popular ways to use a sex swing is to hang it from the ceiling using a hook. These are fairly inexpensive and can be found at most sex toy stores, as well as in some hardware and home-improvement stores. They’re also available in a variety of online retailers.

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This type of installation works best for homes with exposed beams. You can use a stud finder to locate the center of an exposed beam, then attach the hooks. Be sure to choose a location away from anything that could get in the way of your swing, such as a fan or light fixture.

Another option is to mount your sex swing from a beam strap, which is basically a loop of nylon that you wrap around an exposed beam. These aren’t as easy to install, but they work well and aren’t visible from the ground. They’re ideal for those who want a discreet setup that doesn’t require drilling into the ceiling. They can even be used on tree branches or gazebos for outdoor installations.


For those who prefer a less-inviting look to their sex swing (or don’t have the ceiling space for a hook mount) a stand is an easy alternative. It works the same way as a beam mount, but you can place it wherever you like in a room and it looks more discreet. You can even hang a stand from a tree branch or use it in a gazebo court for extra privacy.

If you want to mount a sex swing using a ceiling hook, make sure it can handle your weight and don’t hang it until it is secure. Also, always test it before using it with a partner to see if you hear any squeaks or movement from the hooks.

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If you are worried about people seeing your ceiling hooks, try to install a door sex swing instead. It’s basically a seat with stirrups and handles, hung from two acrylic tubes that are attached to straps on either side of the door. This is ideal if you have two doors that face each other in your hallway.

Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar sex swing requires some planning and effort to create, but it’s an excellent option for people who want a more portable and non-invasive option. This type of sex swing can also be used by those who can’t choose a door mount, single hook, or ceiling hook screw eye installation because they live in rented apartments or houses and don’t want to do permanent modifications to their rooms.

To make a pull-up bar sex swing, you’ll need a frame with 2 or more hooks spaced at least 3 feet apart. You’ll also need the straps needed to build the body of the swing, including stirrups and handles. Adjustable straps work best to give you maximum comfort.

This style of sex swing works well with doors because you can hang it over the top of the door and then shut the door behind you. You can purchase a sex stand that has a pull-up bar for a low cost, but it’s also possible to make one yourself if you have the sewing skills and materials.

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