Mia Kay: An Adult Erotic Film Star on the Rise

Mia Kay is a 24 year old adult actress on the rise. The Cincinnati, Ohio, native has quickly become a standout in the VR erotic film industry, gaining an 86k following on Instagram and rising admiration from fans and peers alike. With a slim build, brown hair, green eyes, and measurements of 32B-24-35, Mia Kay has become a recognizable name in the adult film industry.

Born in 1999, Mia Kay VR has been in the business for only two years, having started when she was 22. Her list of impressive tattoos bear a testament to her diverse background, with inkings including the opening line of the National Anthem of Lebanon, the Lebanese Forces Cross, and a shape on her right lower arm. With such an impressive figure, it’s no surprise that Mia is carving a lane for herself in the adult VR film community.

Background and Upbringing

The path to Mia’s current career has not been without its speedbumps, as it has come at a price with countless personal struggles. Mia was previously married to her high school sweetheart, but the two have since separated and divorced in 2016. That same year, Mia began her foray into the adult curvy VR film industry, and has since been linked to rapper Jhayco. Sadly, such a career choice has caused separation from her family, with her parents having publicly disassociated themselves and expressed their disappointment with Mia’s decision.

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Personal Style

Despite the difficulties that have come with her career, Mia Kay has not shied away from expressing her personal style in her work. Whether it be in her tattoos, hairstyles, or clothes, Mia has been unapologetic in her assertion of her identity. Her piercing gaze and contagious energy have kept her fans captivated and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

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The Next Level

Mia Kay is going to the next level with her VR film work and is currently building her own studio from the ground up. She’s planning to use the latest virtual reality technology to deliver the best-quality content to her audience and taking her adult VR porn career from strength to strength. Fans are eagerly awaiting the finished product and with Mia’s can-do attitude, there’s no doubt that she will be very successful.

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