Reasons Why Sex Hurts During Pregnancy

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Painful intercourse during pregnancy is not uncommon but it’s definitely not something you should just put up with. There are multiple reasons why sex might hurt during pregnancy and luckily, there are things you can try to ease the discomfort.

In early pregnancy, your body releases a hormone called relaxin which helps to prepare your pelvic ligaments and cervix for childbirth. This can result in pain that is aggravated during penetrative sex.

Round Ligaments

Like sore backs, tender nipples and swollen legs, painful intercourse is one of the many unpleasant side effects that come along with pregnancy. Thankfully, this discomfort is totally normal (and completely harmless) and there are lots of reasons why it may be happening.

One of the most common reasons why sex hurts during pregnancy is because of round ligament pain. These are the ligaments that support the uterus and can cause pain during sexual activity when they stretch. This pain can feel like a sharp cramp to one side of the stomach and is most common in the second trimester. It can be triggered by certain movements, like coughing or laughing and it usually lasts a few seconds.

During this time, your body is also making hormones that can make your pelvic ligaments loose and stretchy. This is a good thing because it will help prepare your body for childbirth. But it can cause problems when it comes to sex because the ligaments can be sensitive.

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To try to alleviate this pain, you should use a lubricant that is safe for pregnant women. You can also try experimenting with different positions to see what feels comfortable for you. If the pain persists, talk to your doctor. They can test you for a urinary tract infection or other conditions that can affect your sex life during pregnancy.

Uterine Enlargement

Many women experience pain during sex because their uterus enlarges to accommodate the growing baby. This is a normal part of pregnancy and is not something to be embarrassed about. If it’s painful, try a different position, oral sex or extra lubrication to see if that helps.

It’s also important to talk openly with your partner about how you are feeling and what is or isn’t working for you both. It may be a matter of communication or simply that you’re not enjoying sex as much as you did before you were pregnant.

Some women can feel a sharp pain in one side of the pelvic area during sexual intercourse because of round ligament pain. This is a normal part of pregnancy, but can be uncomfortable and can lead to vaginal bleeding, which is never good during pregnancy.

Another thing that can make sex uncomfortable is having varicose veins in the pelvic area. The expanding baby puts pressure on the major blood vessels, aggravating the already existing varicose veins in the legs and pelvic area. This can affect the pelvic nerves and, in some cases, lead to a lower libido and discomfort during sex.

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It’s also worth noting that hormones and body changes, such as sore breasts or fatigue, can make it harder to have a pleasurable sex experience during pregnancy. However, with a little bit of planning and experimenting with positions, lubrication and communication, most couples can still have satisfying sex during pregnancy.


Throughout pregnancy, your hormones are constantly shifting. While this is normal and great for the baby, it can also impact your libido and cause pain during orgasm.

In the later stages of pregnancy, your body starts to produce a hormone called relaxin. This hormone stretches the pelvic ligaments and widens your cervix which can lead to some pain during orgasm. It can even cause a cramping sensation similar to that of a menstrual cycle. In addition, a hormone in semen called prostaglandins can cause mild cramping during orgasm for some women.

If you’re experiencing this, try talking to your partner about how it’s affecting you. This can help you identify if there’s an infection or other issue causing the pain and come up with ways to make it better.

Most of the time, having penetrative sex while pregnant is safe and won’t hurt the baby or cause premature labor. But, if the pain is making you uncomfortable or keeping you from engaging in sexual activity, it’s worth bringing up with your doctor to see what the root cause may be. Just remember that it’s normal and most of the time, the discomfort will fade with time. Just be sure to stay hydrated and talk to your partner about different positions so you can find the most comfortable way to have sex together.

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Some women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy, which can put pressure on the pelvic area during sexual activity. This can lead to painful sex or pain during penetration. Using a lubricant or trying different positions that don’t put pressure on the pelvis can help.

Also, the hormonal shifts that occur during pregnancy can cause vaginal dryness and sore nipples and breasts, which can make sex uncomfortable. Using a lubricant, changing positions and keeping a bra on during sex can all help.

If you’re worried about pain during sex while pregnant, be sure to talk with your doctor. They can determine the underlying issue and offer solutions that will help you feel comfortable.

In most cases, sex during pregnancy is safe and enjoyable. But, it’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies are different. If you’re experiencing discomfort during sex, be sure to communicate with your partner and try different positions that will be more comfortable for both of you. Using a water-based lubricant, taking it slow and practicing foreplay can all help with comfort during intercourse while expecting. If you’re unable to find a position that makes you feel good, consider asking for a massage or trying oral sex. This may make you both more relaxed and will increase arousal and pleasure. Just be sure to use a lubricant that’s safe for pregnancy and consult with your physician before trying any self-treatment methods.

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