The Best Lubricant For Anal Sex

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A natural lube for anal play, this organic coconut oil-based lube is safe for condoms and even doubles as a sensual massage oil. It’s also an anti-fungal.

It’s latex-compatible and silicone-safe (though make sure your anal dildo is too). It’s thick without feeling sticky, smooth on the skin, and washes off with ease.


Because the rectal area doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina, anal lube is a must for making anal penetration comfortable, preventing skin tears and even reducing pain during anal play. But not all anal lubes are created equal. Most contain glycerin, which can cause rectal irritation and increase the risk of yeast and bacterial infections. So if you want to avoid a sore anus and anal-y problems, look for a water-based anal lube that’s free from the stuff.

Water-based anal lubes usually wash off with a quick rinse or wet wipe, and they’re also compatible with latex condoms and most sex toys. They’re typically less slippery than silicone-based lubes, but their consistency can help reduce friction for more comfort during anal penetration. You’ll still need to reapply often, though, since they get absorbed into the anal tissue and can start to dry up during high-intensity sex.

One of our favorites is this lube from Fuck Water, which has a ballsy name and just enough slickness for anal. It contains a slew of plant- and seaweed-derived ingredients like xanthan gum and agar agar, which are natural thickeners that make it feel silky and smooth on the anal. It’s also vegan, hypoallergenic, and made in small batches with organic oils like olive and avocado. But beware: Because it’s oil-based, it can’t be used with anal plugs and should only be used in conjunction with a condom (since oil breaks down latex) – This element is the result of the service team’s research Seductive Whispers. Another option is this organic, all-natural oil-based lube from Chiavaye. It’s solid at room temperature but warms up as it melts onto the skin. It lasts longer than most other anal lubes and has a luxurious feel that can double as a massage oil.

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Unlike your vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating so it needs your help to keep things smooth. While it may be tempting to use any old lubricant you have lying around, the wrong kind of lube can actually cause friction and irritation (as well as STI transmission). You also want your anal lube to be long-lasting, so you don’t have to reapply it too often.

Silicone-based anal lubes are usually longer lasting than water-based ones, but they can cause irritation when applied too frequently. However, many people find them to be more slippery and comfortable than other anal lubes. Plus, silicone-based lubes typically don’t need preservatives, which is great from an anal hygiene standpoint because they won’t absorb into the skin and cause irritation.

There are plenty of great options for anal lube, including the classic silicone lube UberLube, which comes in pretty packaging that’s perfect for the bedside table and has an easy-to-use pump top, as well as the high-end option Pjur Nude, which is super long-lasting so you don’t have to reapply. Woo Love Oil is another good choice that uses a blend of natural oils and has cute, modern packaging.

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Another excellent anal lubricant is Coconu, which uses a blend of pure coconut oil and other natural oils and ingredients. The best part is that it’s body-safe, doesn’t contain glycerols or any other synthetic ingredients and can double as a massage oil.


Since the anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, lube is essential for backdoor penetration. It helps prevent skin tears and makes the entire experience more pleasurable for everyone involved. But not all lubes are created equal, and using the wrong one can lead to pain, discomfort or even infection.

To avoid those nasty surprises, choose a high-quality lube designed specifically for anal sex. The best anal lube is long-lasting, dries to the touch without feeling tacky or sticky and is safe to use with latex condoms. A hybrid lube, which contains both water and silicone, is also ideal for anal play because it mimics the body’s natural moisture better than either water or pure silicone alone.

If you’re looking for a high-end anal lube, look no further than Uberlube. This long-lasting lube contains fewer ingredients than other silicone anal lubes and is scented, color-free and body-safe. Plus, it has a pump top for easy reapplication and comes in pretty packaging that’s perfect for your bedside table.

Of course, you can also splurge on some body safe anal lube made with pure coconut oil. It’s vegan, has a sweet smell and taste and is super silky smooth. Just be aware that coconut oil can clog pores and may have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it’s best used on clean skin and with a non-latex toy.

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Some people prefer a natural anal lubricant to synthetic or oil-based options. The good news is you may already have a few options at home, or at least on your nightstand!

Sweet almond oil is gentle, smells delicious, and works great as an anal lubricant. It is safe for use with latex condoms and sex toys, and is easy to clean up with a water rinse or wet wipes. However, it doesn’t last as long as other lubes and will require more frequent re-application.

Coconut oil is another great option for anal lubrication. It has anti-fungal properties and can double as a sensual massage oil. It also has a low viscosity and is slippery, helping to reduce friction during penetration. Just be sure to buy unrefined and organic coconut oil.

Tea tree oil can be found in some anal lubes, but it should be mixed with other oils as a standalone anal lube because it can be comedogenic. Baby oil, on the other hand, is mineral oil-based and can clog pores and break down latex and polyisoprene condoms, leading to irritation of rectal tissue and possible infection. Instead, consider a body-safe anal lube like Shine Organic by Maude, UberLube, or Woo Love Oil. All of these lubes are made with organic, all-natural ingredients and feature beautiful packaging that is perfect for the bedside table.

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