The Best Sex Positions For Beginners

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It may seem that you need to be a bit flexible and adventurous to have sex that brings pleasure. But sexperts say there are some positions that are much easier for beginners to do and promise mind-blowing orgasms.

One of those is the Missionary position – an intimate, face to face position that promises lots of penetration and intense eye contact. Spooning is also a great option for beginners as it’s easy and sensual.


A classic that never gets old, missionary is an easy position to start sex in for both partners. This intimate position allows the man to move slowly or quickly and is great for eye contact and kissing. It also provides a good base for penetration, but isn’t so deep that it hurts. It can also be adapted for anal or P-in-V sex. For added pleasure, try rubbing the back of your penis against your partner’s vulva and clitoris to up the sensations.

Another option is a twist on missionary, called grinding missionary. This variation flips the position on its head and involves a little more work for both of you. In this version, the woman grinds her hips against yours, creating a gratifying sensation. The added pressure and pressure points can boost arousal as well as increase the depth of your thrusts.

This is a good position to try when doggy style gets old and you’re ready for something a little more intense. It’s a bit easier to learn than doggy and provides you with a different sensation, since it allows you to enter from behind. It can be a great way to spice up your first time together in bed and is also a good option for beginners who aren’t as flexible. It can even be a great way to start or end your session.

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The sex position known as spooning is a good one for beginners because it provides “lazy sex” — which is always a good thing. “You can just lie there during sex and enjoy being close to your partner, feel their heartbeat, stroke them, or even hold them,” Cooper says. It also allows the female to enter from behind. That means she’s able to use her hands for anal stimulation and is in complete control of where her penis goes during penetration, which is helpful for guys who can’t handle those long wild thrusts that push many men past the point of no return.

Another variation on traditional spooning is the froggie sex position, which is basically just doggy style with a twist. With this one, you lay face down on a bed or chair, with your hips raised slightly to make it easier to relax while the penetrating partner enters from behind. “You can spice this up by moving your hips around to create different sensations,” Blaylock-Solar adds.

And if doggy and froggie don’t work for you, try the dragon position. It’s a little more challenging than the others, but it can provide just as much pleasure and is great for those who have trouble with side hugging. With this sex position, you stay in the same side-hugging position, but the little spoon curls up in a fetal shape to allow the big spoon to stretch out their legs.

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A twist on the traditional spooning position, this sex position has serious potential for spine-tingling sexual pleasure. Lying on your back, you can straddle the penetrating partner with one leg between theirs and one out in front, offering different angles and depths for penetration. To spice things up, you can wrap your legs around them and rock them forwards and back to create a comfortable rhythm.

This sex position requires more control from the partner on top, but it’s worth a try. In fact, it’s a recommended sex position for beginners because it can be quite intense and is suitable for deep penetration. Just make sure that you don’t thrust too hard or you may hurt your partner and cause discomfort.

Another great sex position for beginners, this tantalizing position is like doggy style with a twist. Also known as the cowgirl’s helper, it’s a little more challenging than doggy style but can be really gratifying for the beginner. It’s perfect for foreplay or ending on and is a great way to spice up the intimacy of your relationship.

While many believe that you have to be extremely flexible and adventurous to have sex, there are plenty of sex positions for beginners that can bring you mind-blowing orgasms. If you’re ready to take sex to the next level, talk to your partner and see which positions they want to try.

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Being a twisting sex position is an excellent option for those who want to try something new. This tantalizing position involves laying down on the bed, bringing your knees in slightly and allowing your partner to enter you from behind. It’s a more intimate position than the girl-on-top sex position and can be used for deeper penetration.

It’s a great way to create clitoral stimulation, as well as a deep sensation for the anal and vaginal areas. It can also be used as a transitional stage to more intense sex positions like the doggy or cowgirl position.

While the missionary sex position might be boring for many, it’s easy to get into and won’t cause any discomfort or pain for beginners. It’s an easy way to feel close to your partner while having sex and is perfect for couples who want to start slowly or are new to sex altogether.

However, it’s important to keep trying different sex positions so that you can find what feels good for you and your partner. Some may hurt or be uncomfortable for you, while others might open up a world of pleasure. With this in mind, it’s time to add a few more sexy moves to your repertoire!

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