The Best Sex Positions For Seniors

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Many seniors experience physical limitations that make sex challenging. Luckily, there are several rockstar positions that can help them explore their pleasure.

Missionary is a classic. It works well for wheelchairs or those who suffer from hip pain. Adding pillows can ease the strain on the back and knees.

Sideways 69

Many seniors struggle with knee pain, but this doesn’t have to mean the end of sexual pleasure. There are sex positions for everyone and with some experimenting you can find ones that work well with your pain and mobility.

One such position is Sideways 69. It involves the woman getting on her hands and knees with the man entering from behind. This is an excellent position for stimulating the G spot and it also makes it easier to reach around and add manual stimulation if needed.

Another great option for those with bad knees is Doggy Style. It’s like the traditional missionary but instead of having to bend down the penetrating partner can stand up straight and enter from the back. It’s great for couples who enjoy the feeling of a deep penetration but have knee pain and it can be even more intense with a little lubrication.

Doggy Style

When you hear the term “Doggy Style,” it might bring to mind a particular position in which the woman kneels and the man penetrates her from behind. It’s a rear entry technique that can also stimulate her G spot and is a popular sex position for seniors. If you want to make it extra pleasurable, try using a pillow to lift your hips. This is especially helpful if you have back issues or knee pain, but it can also be used for those with other forms of discomfort.

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Another version of this position is standing doggy, which is great if you have bad knees or arthritis and can’t use the traditional kneeling positions. In this variation, the recipient lies down on the bed and drapes a leg over their partner’s body. This position lines up their genitals, making it easy for penetration and creating a lot of friction against the clitoris that enhances pleasure. You can also add a sex toy for even more sensation and to increase orgasms. This rockstar sex position isn’t as intimate as some others, but it works well for many couples who love it.

Sofa Spooning

The sofa spooning sex position is great for older couples that want to cuddle and connect. It’s also a low-energy position that doesn’t require much physical movement or energy. It’s especially good for people with fibromyalgia. This position allows both partners to feel each other’s body and can also be used for oral sex.

Spooning can be a great position for those with knee pain, since it doesn’t place too much pressure on the knees. It’s easy to vary depth and pace as well. This position can also be used for manual clitoral stimulation using a vibrator or other tools.

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While the Cowgirl position might seem daring for an elderly person, it can be very arousing and can help increase sensations for both partners. It can be adapted to reduce the amount of pressure placed on the knees and make it easier for a penetrating partner to enter the receptive partner from behind. This position may also be more comfortable for those with hip problems than the missionary position, since it does not require a lot of leg movement or elevation.


Cowgirl (also known as the Rider-on-Top position) is a penetrative sex pose that involves the receptive partner straddling, squatting on, or lying on top of their partner while being penetrated vaginally or anally. While it might be a bit strenuous for some seniors, this position can be modified to relieve the pressure on major joints by placing pillows between your knees or using a positioning strap and thrusting more gently.

One of the best parts about this position, McDevitt says, is that it allows for clitoral stimulation and often leads to orgasm. It also gives the receptive partner control over the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration, which isn’t something that many other positions can do.

Another great variation on this position is a leaning reverse cowgirl, which can be performed in the same way as regular Cowgirl but with the man staying seated and the woman lying on her back over his torso. This can be even more spicy, as it stimulates sweet spots while giving both partners a break from the pressure of their legs or hips.

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Coital Alignment Technique

As you get older, you may find your body changes. This might mean that certain sex positions are less than ideal for you or your partner. That’s why it’s important to try new sex positions to ensure that you are getting the most pleasure possible from your sexual encounters.

If you love classic missionary, but have back pain or hip issues, try assisted missionary instead. Simply place pillows under your bottom to elevate your pelvis and help relieve pressure on the joints.

Another great position for those who have knee pain is sofa spooning. For this position, the giver lies on their side with the receiver straddling them. Then, the giver can gently penetrate.

A more daring but still safe sex position for seniors is reverse cowgirl. With this position, the bottom partner lays on their back with their lower legs over their upper body. This creates a lot of friction against the clitoral mound for increased clitoral stimulation. You can also use a position strap for extra comfort. It’s a great position for couples who want to add clitoral stimulation without being too rough.

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