The Best Sexual Positions For Fat People

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Obese people sometimes face obstacles when it comes to sexual positions. But these issues can be overcome with the right information and ingenuity.

Here are a few of the best sexual positions for fat people that can spice up your love life. Try these positions and see which ones work best for you and your partner.


The cowgirl is an amazing sex position that’s perfect for fat people. It is a variation on the classic missionary position that allows for crazy penetration experiences for both partners. It also allows for the giver to stimulate their partner’s nipples, G-spot, and clitoris without having to reach over their belly.

For the giver, this is a powerful position because they get to control the pace and how deep to penetrate. It also gives them more space to use sex toys for extra stimulation, which can add a whole new level of pleasure to the experience. For the receiver, this is a highly sensual position that allows them to be in close contact with their partner and can also be used for roleplay.

However, it’s important to note that this position may be hard on the abdomen if the giver is very large because they are putting a lot of pressure on their stomach. If this is a concern, try switching to a reverse cowgirl which allows the giver to rest their weight on their forearms.

Ultimately, it is important to experiment with different positions and see what works best for you and your partner. It is always better to have open communication with your partner so you can feel comfortable with whatever position you are using.

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Doggie-style is an ideal position for a plus size partner because it allows for deep penetration without the interference of the abdomen. It also allows the giver to stroke the receiver’s clitoris for oral sex and clitoral stimulation before actual penetration. It is important for the couple to experiment with the positioning and find the one that works best.

Using a wedge pillow to achieve this position can make it more comfortable for obese partners. This position requires both partners to kneel on the bed with their legs spread apart and the vulva owner positioned between them. The giver then places the cock between the partners’ knees, allowing for deeper penetration. The position can be used for several rounds, and it saves energy because the partners don’t need to support themselves with their hands.

Although it can be challenging to perform, the Cowgirl sex position is considered to be among the best sexual positions for overweight people because it allows the woman to control the pace of penetration and the depth. The position also allows the woman to straddle her partner, which makes it easy for them to self-stimulate their clitoris. However, the position can get tiring for both partners if they use it for a long time. Moreover, it might not work for couples with bad knees or who are uncomfortable with close contact.

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If you have a plus size body, it can be difficult to find sex positions that work. However, there are plenty of options to try that can make for a more comfortable and intimate experience. It all comes down to open and honest communication, and a willingness to experiment until you find something that works for you and your partner.

According to sex expert Jacqui Olliver, the best sexual position for fat people is a modification of a traditional missionary position. This involves the receiver laying on her back with her feet on the bed, and the giver kneeling between her legs. The receiver can also elevate her hips with a pillow or two to allow her tummy flesh to fall back, which makes penetration easier.

This is one of the best positions for G-spot stimulation, and it doesn’t require a lot of stamina from either partner. It also provides a lot of intimacy, which can be especially arousing in the morning when both partners may feel sleepy.

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Traditional Missionary

This position is not for the faint of heart, but it can be a good option for fat people. It involves the giver standing at the edge of the bed and the receiver laying back, straddling their hips. The giver then enters and penetrates. This is a great position for fat women, because it gives them the opportunity to get deeply penetrated without having to worry about their stomach getting in the way.

Another great option is the reverse cowgirl position, which allows the woman to straddle her partner while they are lying down. This is also a good position for foreplay, since it gives the giver easy access to the woman’s clitoris. It also works well for oral sex and can even lead to climax.

Another great option is the missionary position, which can be modified for plus-size partners. To make it more comfortable, the giver can put a pillow or two under the receiver’s buttocks to raise their hips. This will allow their tummy flesh to fall back, which will increase the range of motion and make sexual penetration easier. It’s important to experiment with different positions to find the ones that are most comfortable for each couple, and it’s especially important for overweight couples. But be sure to talk with your partner about your comfort levels, and never force a sex position on them that they don’t want to try.

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