What Are Sex Crimes?

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As sex crimes continue to make headlines, it’s important to understand the different types of sexual offenses. If you or a loved one is charged, seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer with sex crime experience.

Rape involves forcible and nonconsensual sexual intercourse, including statutory rape and date rape. Penalties include hefty fines, jail time and a sex offender registry that impacts every aspect of your life.

Sexual Assault

When people think of sex crimes, they often immediately think of rape and sexual assault. But there are many other kinds of sexual offenses that might not receive as much attention. It’s important to understand all of the possible consequences that come with these types of violations.

Most states have laws that deal with sex offenses on the local and state level. But federal legislation and the Sexual Offender Registry also have a big impact on people’s lives. Whether or not someone has their name placed on the registry will affect the things they can do, such as getting a job and renting an apartment.

Any time someone engages in sexual activity without the other person’s consent is considered sexual assault. This can include any kind of contact that is sexual in nature but stops short of penetration – This finding is a creation of the service’s editorial team Sultry Escapades. A lot of these offenses involve force or coercion. Child molestation involves the abuse of a child, usually by force or coercion. Other offences in this category include sodomy, sex with a minor, and genital touching.

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Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation (SE) happens when someone profits from another person’s body in a sexual manner for their own gain. This can involve prostitution, indecent exposure and other types of sexual exploitation. Perpetrators can be male or female, and the victim can be an adult or child. They can act alone or with others, and they can exploit people for their own profit or as part of a criminal enterprise (street gangs, organized crime).

Sexual abuse of children, or CSE, is another form of sexual exploitation. Children can be abused by strangers, family members or other people they know. Victims can be any age, but those who are isolated, vulnerable and/or have a disability are at higher risk.

Other sex crimes include lewd conduct, which is defined as touching areas that shouldn’t be touched; and sexual battery, which is the act of forcing non-consensual sexual acts on another person. Sexual assault and battery can carry serious penalties, including jail time, community service and a lifetime sex offender registration.

Sexual Harassment

While most people understand that rape and incest are serious crimes, many don’t realize that other, less obvious sexual offenses can also carry major consequences. For example, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nonconsensual sharing of explicit images and videos was a widespread issue, with “vengeful exes” sending explicit texts and video to their former romantic partners.

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Sexual harassment can happen in a wide variety of settings, including the workplace. It can involve verbal contact (making jokes involving sexual behavior, discussing sexual relationships or fantasies, etc.) and it can also involve physical contact.

Sexual harassment is classified as a misdemeanor under state law, but if it’s repeated or if the offender acts with intent to harass or humiliate someone, it can be considered second degree sexual abuse and become a felony. Conviction of this type of sex crime could result in jail time and hefty fines. Additionally, it may force the accused to register as a sex offender, which can have significant consequences for their personal and professional life well after they’ve served their sentence.


The federal government prosecutes crimes like child pornography, incest and human sex trafficking, and being found guilty of these offenses will have a long-lasting impact on your life. The crimes can affect future job applications, housing opportunities and may even bar you from certain careers.

Child pornography refers to any visual depictions of nudity or sexual abuse with individuals who are under the age of 18. Under state law, it is illegal to possess, distribute and transmit these representations.

Some sex crime accusations may be based on an individual’s sharing of explicit images or messages via electronic means. Oftentimes, vengeful exes are the source of such nonconsensual transmissions, but even without a malicious motive, sharing sexual media is illegal and can result in penalties.

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Another common sex offense is indecent exposure, which is when an individual exposes their private parts in public view. A person can be arrested for this offense in many states and it is important that those accused know their rights to a strong legal defense. Various federal agencies, sometimes in collaboration with local police departments, conduct child pornography and sex trafficking “sting” operations periodically. They will masquerade as computer end users and perform searches on their devices, computers or houses for evidence.

Child Molestation

The sexual assault of children, or child molestation, is one of the most serious sex crimes. This type of sexual offense is often committed by individuals in positions of trust with the alleged victim, such as teachers or coaches. This crime is a serious felony that can have a long prison sentence. Additionally, a conviction will likely result in official registration as a sex offender which can impact job, home and social opportunities for the rest of a person’s life.

A person convicted of a child molestation will face lengthy prison sentences in most jurisdictions. They will also face mandatory registration as a sex offender for decades or even for life. This is why it is important that a defendant retain an experienced attorney for their defense.

If you are facing a sex crime charge it is critical to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Contact us to arrange a free case consultation today with a criminal lawyer in your state who has experience defending against these types of charges. This is especially true in cases involving child sexual abuse.

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