When Was Oral Sex Invented?

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Oral sex is sexual intimacy that involves the mouth and tongue. It can be pleasurable and is often a precursor to other kinds of sexual intercourse. However, it is important to communicate with your partner about it and get their consent before you begin.

Oral sex can cause STIs, so it is important to practice good hygiene. It is also a good idea to use a lubricant, such as a flavored one, instead of spit.


Oral sex is sexual stimulation involving the lips, mouth, and tongue. It can be used as foreplay or to prepare partners for penetration with a penis or sex toy. It can also replace intercourse. This practice is a sexual pleasure for both male and female participants. It may be self-initiated or mutually initiated. It is also referred to as fellatio, cunnilingus, or anilingus. It is also possible to perform oral sex on oneself, which is known as autofellatio or autocunnilingus.

The first clear traces of oral sex can be found in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were obsessed with blowjobs, credited with inventing lipstick and a phallic poem called “You Oughta Know.” They even had a myth about Osiris’s sister-turned-wife Isis, who supposedly blew life into her murdered brother by sucking on a clay penis.

The term “blowjob” probably entered common usage in the 1930s, though its exact origin is unclear. It’s most likely derived from the word “fellatio” and is probably a reference to the lips, mouth, and tongue in contact with the genitals and anus. It is believed that this act of oral sex stimulated orgasms in both male and female participants. It is still a popular sexual activity today, as evidenced by the popularity of “blowjob videos” on YouTube. The Kama Sutra even contains an entire chapter dedicated to this sexual technique.

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Oral sex, particularly fellatio, is a symbol of power and sexual pleasure. The French invented the word “frenching” for this purpose, and a blow job is sometimes referred to as a “birthday blow.” This type of oral sex can also symbolize desire for public recognition. For example, the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal demonstrates how public interest in one’s sexual activity can turn into a career opportunity.

Cultural views on oral sex vary from aversion to high regard, but the practice has often been considered taboo. Some cultures even consider it a form of procreation, which is why some countries have laws against it. However, despite its stigma, oral sex continues to be popular among young people. This may be due to social factors, technological developments and the influence of pop culture.

In addition, oral sex can be used to express love. It can be a way to convey sexual pleasure without actually having sex, and some couples choose to have it for this reason. However, adolescent couples often have different priorities when it comes to pleasure considerations.

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A dream about oral sex can symbolize the need for pleasure and intimacy in your life. It can also represent the need to be satiated. Alternatively, it can symbolize a spiritual quest for enlightenment. If you are having trouble with intimacy, try exploring your fantasies and sexual desires.

Medicinal uses

Oral sex involves using the mouth, lips and tongue to stimulate a partner’s genitals. It can involve fellatio (oral sex on the penis), cunnilingus (oral sex on the vagina, vulva or clitoris) or anilingus (oral sex on the anus). Men and women of all ages and cultures engage in oral sex, and it is often used as foreplay before sexual intercourse. It can also be a satisfying pleasure in its own right, leading to orgasm.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be passed through oral sex, especially if it’s unprotected. It can transmit viruses and bacteria such as chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis A, hepatitis C and HIV.

It’s important to communicate with your partner before, during and after oral sex to make sure you both feel comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, stop the activity immediately.

It is also important to remember that pleasure considerations should not override safety and health concerns. If you are concerned about the risks of oral sex, talk to your doctor about it. The doctors can advise you on the best way to reduce the risk of infection and other complications. They may recommend using a condom or dental dam. Also, they may suggest a safe amount of time to have oral sex. This may help you stay safe and happy for the duration of your relationship.

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Whether or not you consider oral sex to be foreplay or sexual activity, you should be aware that this practice can lead to sexually transmitted infections. It involves stimulating genitals with the mouth and lips, including fellatio (oral penile contact), cunnilingus (oral sex of the vagina, vulva, or clitoris), and anilingus (oral sex of the anus). When practicing oral sex, saliva, pre-cum, semen, and blood can enter the mouth and increase the likelihood of infection.

Although many young people consider oral sex safer than vaginal sex, this is a dangerous fallacy. Oral sex can transmit STIs including herpes, chlamydia, and HIV, as well as oral bacteria such as Giardia and E.coli.

In addition, oral sex can lead to gastrointestinal distress and infection, particularly from ingesting intestinal parasites like Giardia and bacterial infections such as diarrhea and fever. It is therefore important that you communicate with your partner about what is and is not okay during oral sex.

In some states, oral sex is legal when both parties are of the same age and consent to the act. However, it is still illegal to engage in oral copulation with a minor without their consent. This crime can carry a variety of penalties, including fines and incarceration. Convicted offenders may also be required to register as sex offenders.

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