Where to Hide Sex Toys

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Hiding sex toys can help keep them safe, secure, and clean. It can also protect you from embarrassment or judgment should family, friends, or roommates snoop through your stuff.

Some good places to hide sex toys include a locked drawer or box, dedicated storage containers, and even clothing. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Shoe boxes have been a longtime favorite for hiding sex toys. They’re small and easy to hide, and they won’t draw much attention to themselves. If you’re not a shoe person, you can also use Tupperware or other storage containers. Just be sure that whatever container you use is opaque so that nosy people cannot see inside.

Another good place to store your sex toys is in your closet. This is a great spot because most people do not go looking through the clothes in their closet, and so they will most likely ignore your toys. You could also hide your dildo in a trench coat pocket if it’s small enough.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you find a place to hide your sex toys where they will remain out of sight and out of mind. If you have particularly nosey kids, you may want to look at options like lockboxes so that they cannot access them. But, whatever you do, it’s important that you feel comfortable with where your sex toys are stored so that you can use them.

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If you live in a room with people who don’t want to see your toys (like kids or nosy family members), drawers are the best place to stash them. You can find lots of different styles, from simple pouch-style bags to stackable drawers that will grow with your collection. Some even have interior paddings to protect your toys from scratching and degrading.

Some sex toys are small enough to be hidden in the pockets of jackets or coats. This is a great way to keep them out of sight, but don’t forget to empty the pockets before you wear the garment again.

Another great place to store your sex toys is in those long storage bins that slide under the bed. They’re discreet, don’t highlight the area and are a great place to keep everything from lubes to condoms, chargers and your sex toys. You can even find one that locks if you need extra security. Just be sure to use a bin that’s made from plastic that’s free from PVC, BPA and phthalates.


For those who have a lot of toys and are concerned about people accidentally discovering them (especially if the sex toys are more embarrassing like big penis shaped vibrators, Fleshlights or sex dolls) it might be better to store them in bags. These will keep them hygienic and safe from dust, mould, yeast or mildew.

There are plenty of sex toy storage bags on the market, and some come with a padlock for ultimate security. Alternatively, you can try stuffing your toys into a large make up bag or an empty suitcase, and then layer clothes or books over them. This trick works especially well if you’re travelling and don’t want nosey house mates or hotel staff to go looking through your luggage.

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Those little plastic storage boxes that slide under your bed can also be very discreet, especially if you wrap the box in an old towel or tampon. For extra security, look for one that has a lock on it and/or UV light. These are especially good for those with bigger collections or who live in shared homes.


There are a few secret storage solutions that can accommodate slightly larger sex toys and accessories like dildos or vibrators. These bigger options include bags and boxes, many of which come with or can be fitted with a lock. Some are even made to look like a stuffed animal, which is pretty darn seductive if you’re in the mood.

Another great place to hide a sex toy is an old book, just make sure that it’s a boring hardcover one and not something like the dictionary or Twilight. Hollow out the inside lining of the book and you’ve got yourself a little secret box that can hold anything from dildos to vibrators.

Keeping your sex toys clean and dry is important for their lifespan, so make sure you store them somewhere where they’ll stay that way. If you have nosey kids, consider storing them somewhere high they can’t reach. Otherwise, a locked container is probably the best option. That way, if nosy friends or family happen to come over they’ll only be able to peek in the box and be intrigued instead of worried.

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Those who have small kids in the house may want to keep their sex toys out of sight as much as possible. Some sex lovers hide their toys in tubes, like the ones used to hold bottles of whiskey or beer. These are a great choice because they can be sealed shut, making it impossible for little hands to reach them.

Other people choose to keep their sex toys in bags. For example, a sex toy might be stored inside an empty winter wool sock. This makes it hard for anyone to see what is inside, and it also ensures that the toy will not be a magnet for lint, dust, hairballs, or other crud that might make cleaning it longer and more difficult.

Finally, some people store their sex toys in boxes, such as a box from a tech gadget or a jewelry box. This can help to keep them out of sight, and it can also be a good way to protect them from potential thieves. Some companies even offer a discreet shipping option, such as HappyBed, which ships its toys in a plain cardboard box with an inconspicuous company name.

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