How to Use a Wedge Pillow For Sex Positions

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Whether you’re a sexy novice or an experienced player, a wedge pillow opens up new angles for oral, missionary, and masturbation. These thicker, sex-exclusive pillows (also called ramps or sex ramps) are typically made from memory foam and some can be converted into different configurations.

Try a 2-piece set from Liberator that features their bestselling wedge and ramp for a wide range of positions. It also comes with a modification to hold sex toys for hands-free use.


If you’re looking to get into position faster or add a new angle to penetrative positions like missionary, try a wedge pillow. This type of sex pillow elevates the pelvic area, allowing for a different entry point to the anal canal and increased sensation for vulva owners, staff expert Carol Queen tells SELF. They can also help make oral sex a bit easier on the giver’s neck, especially if they’re giving cunnilingus.

Wedge pillows are available in various shapes and sizes, so the type you choose depends on how you plan to use it. Some have removable covers that can be washed, and some are even able to be deflated. If you want to keep it discreet, Blue suggests choosing one that looks like a regular pillow or has a dark color so it blends in with your bed.

This one from Liberator is a top seller in the sex pillow world because it can be used for a variety of positions, including missionary. The longer end of the pillow goes under the bottom person’s back, and the thinner part is placed on their stomach. They can then bend over the pillow, draping themselves across it. This takes pressure off the knees and lower back, allowing them to relax and makes it easier for their partner to come in from behind in standard doggystyle.

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Unlike standard bed pillows, which flatten easily and offer little lift, sex wedges are typically made of firmer, more dense foam. They also have a sleeker, more angular shape and are available in a wide range of sizes. They can also come with a variety of kinky extras to increase comfort and pleasure during penetration, oral, or a combination of positions.

Some sex wedge pillows are shaped like triangles with a gradual slope from one side to the other, while others have an elongated cylindrical form. This allows them to add rolling motions to a variety of positions, including missionary and doggy style. Cylinder-shaped wedges are also often used as a mount for masturbation and can help elevate the receiver during climax, which increases sensation and makes it easier to reach the G-spot and P-spot.

Wedge pillows are typically constructed from polyfoam or memory foam, which withstands pressure and retains its shape. Some even use a layer of gel to reduce heat buildup and increase comfort.

For a more budget-friendly option, check out this inflatable sex wedge from DOMINIX Deluxe. While it may not feel as firm or dense as a foam pillow, it’s more portable and ideal for traveling. It can also come with a blindfold and handcuffs attached to loops on the sides for kinky add-ons. Alternatively, try this wedge-and-ramp combo from sex furniture savant Liberator. It’s designed to accommodate a range of angles and positions, and includes a waterproof cover with Liberator’s signature luxurious velvish covering.

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Using a sex wedge pillow offers new angles for penetration and sensation during oral sex, masturbation and more. It also adds comfort to some sex positions.

The incline of a wedge pillow can support the back, improve respiratory issues and relieve pain from certain medical conditions. It can also help a person sleep better, and is often used to alleviate back pain and lumbar spinal stiffness.

If a person suffers from acid reflux or GERD, sleeping with the wedge pillow inclined at a 30 to 45-degree angle can keep stomach acids from moving up the esophagus. It can also be positioned under the legs to relieve lower back pain and leg fatigue.

Some wedge pillows are made with memory foam. It’s a viscoelastic polyurethane foam that responds to heat and pressure to closely conform to the body. This results in standout pressure relief and a customized, cushioning feel.

Other types of wedge pillows include ramps and half moon pillows. A ramp is shaped like a right triangle with one short and one long leg, which creates that 27-degree angle mentioned earlier. It can be used the same way as a wedge but is more suited for tall penis owners and strap-on wearers. It’s also a good choice for couples that want to try new positions during cunnilingus and more.

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Buying a Wedge Pillow

A wedge pillow can help alleviate pressure points throughout the body, including the back and neck. These pillows can also promote proper spinal alignment and improve circulation by supporting the natural curves of the body. They can also make it easier to access the vulva for deeper penetration during sex. A sex pillow can even increase pleasure for both partners by providing a more stable base.

Wedge pillows are available in some adult stores, but the widest selection is usually found online. Skip the sketchy Amazon sellers and stick to reputable manufacturers who are known for quality. Many of these companies will offer a return policy if the pillow doesn’t work out as expected, says Queen.

There are a few different types of wedge pillows to choose from, so shoppers will need to decide what kind of support they’re looking for. Some are shaped to hold a sex toy, while others can be used in multiple positions and have adjustable incline settings. Some pillows can be converted into various shapes, and some have Velcro straps that allow users to secure them in place.

For a versatile option, try this wedge-and-ramp combo from Liberator. The larger wedge is designed to support the back and hips, while the smaller ramp helps users get into the leg-over-shoulder position, which can provide sensational G-spot and P-spot pleasure. Both pieces have water-resistant covers and are made of dense yet soft foam.

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