How to Use Handcuffs During Sex

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Handcuffs are a great way to add a new dimension to sexual play. They can be used to tease and entice your partner and help them explore positions that are both complex and erotic.

However, it’s important to remember that using handcuffs during sex should always be consensual and safe. To avoid any potential harm or injury, it’s important to use the following tips:

1. Establish safe signals

Whether you’re into exploring your dominant side or your submissive one, handcuffs are an exciting and kinky tool that can enhance trust and intimacy in the bedroom – This information is sourced from the service’s editor However, before you incorporate them into your sexual play, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and open communication. It’s also important to have a safe word in case things become too intense or uncomfortable.

Moreover, you should make sure that the cuffs you use are soft and comfortable so that they don’t restrict blood flow or cause pain. Additionally, it’s a good idea to start with short sessions and lighter restraints before moving on to more intense experiences. You can also try incorporating a variety of other kinky elements, such as roleplaying or blindfolding your partner to tease their erogenous zones and stimulate them with a vibrator.

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2. Choose the right type of cuffs for you

Many people assume that handcuffs are only for dominant play, but they can also be used by submissives. Choosing the right pair of cuffs is a crucial step to ensure comfort and a safe bondage experience. First-timers should start out with a soft variant, like adjustable buckle cuffs or stretchy silicone cuffs. These can be wriggled to loosen in the event of an emergency and will make the experience more realistic without putting the person at risk.

Once you and your partner feel comfortable with cuffs, you can explore more exotic positions. For example, try tying your partner to their bedpost and doing a rear entry. Or, blindfold them and tease their erogenous zones or stimulate their clitoris with a vibrator. The possibilities are endless!

3. Communicate openly with your partner

Handcuffs can add an element of intimacy and exploration to sexual play, but it’s important to communicate openly with your partner. Discuss your comfort level with this type of play and establish a safe word in case either of you feels uncomfortable or wants to stop.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try experimenting with different positions with your cuffed partner. From classic missionary to bondage cross to 69, the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure that the cuffs are tight enough to feel secure but not so tight that they restrict blood flow or cause bruising. You can also experiment with other types of restraints, including silk scarves and rope cuffs, to find the best fit for you and your partner. Shop a reputable adult store near you to browse the options.

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4. Choose the right position for you

Handcuffs are a great tool to explore your dominance and submissive tendencies, but they can also be used for more intimate play. One way to use cuffs is to restrain your partner and tease them until they want to touch you.

To do this, you’ll need a chair and a pair of handcuffs. I recommend using a set that are meant for sex, like adjustable buckle cuffs or stretchy silicone cuffs. Avoid metal cuffs, as they can cut your wrists if you’re not careful.

Once you have your cuffs, you can place them on your partner’s nightstand and use them as a “threat.” When they misbehave, you can dangle them in front of them. You can also tease them with different sensations, such as feathers or ice, and perform slow oral sex until they are orgasmic.

5. Don’t overstretch your limbs

Handcuffs have been associated with law enforcement and criminal apprehension, but they are also becoming increasingly popular for erotic play. If you’re interested in exploring this thrilling fetish, make sure to communicate openly with your partner and prioritize safety and comfort.

You can get creative with your restraints by experimenting with new positions and incorporating sensory deprivation. For example, you can blindfold your partner and have them try to touch your body with their cuffed hands. You can also use a feather or vibrator to stimulate their erogenous zones.

Another fun idea is to use handcuffs in a bondage missionary position. This position can give you easy access to the mons pubis, labia, and clitoris. It can also flex the hip flexor muscles and accentuate the pelvic floor for added stimulation.

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6. Don’t leave your partner unattended

Handcuffs are a great way to add some extra kink and spice to your bedroom play. Just make sure to establish safe signals, choose high-quality cuffs, and communicate openly with your partner. Don’t overstretch your limbs while restrained, and never leave your partner unattended during a session.

Whether you’re looking to explore erotic positions like sensual spooning or 69, handcuffs are an ideal kinky pleasure toy. Try cuffing your partner’s wrists together and tying a blindfold around their eyes for an extra erotic experience.

If you want to take your kinky play up a notch, try handcuffing your partner to the bedpost and teasing them with sex toys like pinwheels or feather ticklers. This position is also perfect for chair based sex or a naughty cunnilingus.

7. Don’t forget the dos and don’ts

Handcuffs are a popular addition to many kinky sex positions, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, they can be used to experiment with new types of foreplay by making it more difficult for your partner to touch you. You can also tease your cuffed partner by rubbing their erogenous zones or by performing oral sex. Handcuffs are also great for police role play, which can be a huge turn-on for BDSM couples.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned cuff user, using handcuffs for kinky sex can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Just remember to establish safe signals, choose the right type of cuffs for you, and communicate openly with your partner. Don’t forget the dos and don’ts of using cuffs during sex, including never overstretching your limbs and always leaving your partner unattended.

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