Top 5 Sex Positions For Girls

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A girl on top is always sexy, but switching it up is even better. Try these positions to please your partner and reach for those clitoral orgasms.

In this variation on cowgirl, the woman straddles her partner while looking at him face-to-face. Then he can enter her with a penis, strap-on, finger, or other sex toy.


The spooning position is a classic for good reason. It provides lots of intimacy, face-to-face contact and clit stimulation – This detail is the fruit of the website team’s labor Seductive Whispers. Plus, it’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of extra work from either partner.

In this position, one person (the ‘big spoon’) lies on their back while the other snuggles up to them in a fetal position. The big spoon then guides their penis inside the little spoon’s vulva, explains BetterHelp.

This position is a great choice for cold nights because it keeps you warm and gives the penetrating partner a warm spot to lean against, says Tammelleo. It’s also a great choice for beginners who aren’t ready to move into more challenging positions like missionary, because it’s a simple and comfortable way to connect.

Spooning is also a good position for people who are trying to conceive because it helps sperm reach the cervix, explains BetterHelp. If you want to spice up your spooning experience, try giggling your hips or moving your legs to add more friction. You can even put your hands in the air if you’re feeling creative.

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You might think missionary is the boring sex position, but it’s actually one of the most orgasmic. This tried-and-true classic involves a man on top of a woman with her knees spread. It’s a great way to stimulate the G-spot and has been known to cause orgasm for many women, according to this Daily Mail article.

Using a pillow to raise the woman’s hips to a bridge-like position makes it even more orgasmic, Brame says. This variation also allows for deeper penetration and can work well for couples with a height difference.

Those who want a little extra thrill should try fox position, another version of missionary, Cadell says. By switching up the angle, he’s able to get direct contact with her clitoris. He’s able to go in deeply without worrying about her getting uncomfortable, and the sensation of rubbing against her erogenous zone is a major turn-on. If you want to spice things up even more, try bondage with this position as well. It’ll make her feel like yours for keeps. Or try a doggy style, a classic that’s sure to please.


Having sex in the right position can make it easier to conceive a baby girl. Although there is no science to back this up, it is commonly believed that the position a woman has sex in can influence the sex of her unborn child. Some women who hope to conceive a girl try to boost their chances of conception by eating a vegetarian diet, having sex more often and taking long baths. They also may be encouraged to try certain sexual positions, such as the bridge.

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The bridge is similar to missionary but involves face-to-face contact. To try it, the man sits in a comfortable seated position and the woman crawls onto him face-to-face. She can wrap her top leg around his waist or knees and straddle him for deep penetration. It also offers good clitoral stimulation and eye contact, which increases intimacy.

For more intensity, try the Cowgirl position. The woman kneels and straddles you, but she pushes off her chest to help you control the pace. The position is a great choice for women who like grinding action on their clitoris and puts you in complete control.


Queening is a variation of face-sitting, and it allows the woman to sit on or straddle her partner’s face while they do oral-genital stimulation. It’s believed to give women far more power, and is said to date back centuries. It’s also a great position for clitoral stimulation, and can be made even hotter with the help of a hand-free sex toy like Dame’s Eva.

If you’re into deep penetration, then queening can be a good position for you as it gives the man full access to your vagina and allows for G-spot stimulation. However, it’s important to make sure your pelvic bones are protected by the pillow or bed sheet so that you don’t end up with an injury or even worse.

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Adam & Eve recently surveyed 1,000 people to find out which sex positions turn them on the most, and their results showed that doggy style was the top pick with 53 percent of Americans saying it’s their favorite. It was followed by cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and other. Queening came in fifth place with only 13 percent of the vote.

Doggy Face Fuck

The classic doggy face fuck is great for deep penetration but it requires a high level of strength. It also can put your woman on her back which – depending on your height – may cause her discomfort. Alternatively you can try the ‘Crouching Tiger’ position which is a little easier and more comfortable. This version of the doggy face fuck gives your woman more control over how hard she goes so if you’re going too hard or too early she can back up on her own to make it right.

The ‘Cowgirl’ is another fantastic girl-on-top position that offers incredible G-spot and A-spot stimulation. This sexy position also makes it easy to fondle her breasts and clitoris which can boost pleasure even more. Use your thumb and index finger to part her labia and coax the hood of skin over her clitoris upwards. This makes her clitoral ridge more exposed to your thrusts and should be intensely stimulating for you as well as her. This version of the cowgirl can be hard on her knees so a pillow or cushion underneath is a good idea.

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