What is Armpit Sex?

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In an era where tossing salad is common, it may seem odd that some people get turned on by their armpits. But this fetish, known as maschalagnia or axillism, is quite real.

Those who engage in the fetish find sweaty, hairy armpits to be extremely sexually arousing because of the high levels of mood-elevating pheromones they contain. They enjoy licking, kissing, tickling, and even masturbating their partners’ armpits until ejaculation.

Axillary Intercourse

Armpit sex is a type of outercourse (non-penetrative sex) in which a partner uses their partner’s armpit as a vagina or anus for simulated penetration. Some people are turned on by the scent of an armpit’s sweat, which contains 16 sexual pheromones. Others are attracted to the way an armpit looks when it’s closed, which can resemble a vulva slit or anal crack.

In addition, men may find the presence of hair in an armpit attractive because it’s a signifier of masculinity. A hairy armpit is also arousing for some people because it makes them feel more powerful and dominant, as evidenced by the popularity of the “armpit vagina” meme.

Some people enjoy licking and sniffing their partners’ armpits, particularly those that are shaved or hairless, to get turned on. They can also use a lubricant to enhance the experience, although this can tickle their partners, which can be off-putting for some.

Some armpit fetishists take their obsession to an extreme, engaging in axillary intercourse or axillism. This involves one partner using their partner’s armpit as a v-slit or anal crack for sexual pleasure, while the other puts their penis in the pocket created by this position and thrusts against it for sexual enjoyment. This can continue until the two reach climax. This is an example of a sexual activity that goes against common social expectations, since it’s generally considered improper for women to remove their armpit hair.

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Arousal from Armpits

For most people, the first things that come to mind when they think of kink will be the more traditional forms of sexual exploration—bondage, feet, roleplay. But there’s a whole subculture of armpit fetishism that exists outside of these more popular kinks. For the men who engage in maschalagnia—armpit partialism—this part of the body can be one of the most erotic parts of the human body. It’s not just the smell that gets these men turned on; the sweat in their armpits contains 16 different pheromones, including a heightened concentration of mood-elevating and sexually arousing ones.

The enigmatic nature of the armpit also helps to make it an attractive part of the body; the partial concealment of the area leaves room for the imagination and creates a sense of mystery and anticipation. Some people also find themselves sexually aroused by the armpit hair, whether it’s stubble or fully grown.

The inner thighs are another erogenous zone that can be quite sensitive; they contain nerve endings and tend to be more sensitive than other areas of the body, making them more susceptible to tickling. Licking and nibbling your partner’s inner thighs can be particularly arousing, as can strking them with your hands or creating a teasing feeling with gentle licks and kisses.

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Arousal from Other Erogenous Zones

While some people may find licking and sniffing armpits or fucking them to be sexually arousing, this is not everyone. A number of other body parts also have a high concentration of nerve endings and can be arousing when stimulated. Some of these areas include the earlobes, mouth, navel, nipples, and genital area.

One of the reasons that some men find armpits so attractive is because they smell so good. It’s a combination of their natural scent and the pheromones that are released during sweating. According to a study, males can even detect the arousal-inducing pheromones from an individual’s pit sweat.

Another reason that some people are attracted to the erogenous zones on their bodies is because they provide an element of mystery. When a man or woman reveals these intimate parts of themselves to a partner, it can create intrigue and anticipation. This can make sex more exciting for both partners and can lead to sexual arousal.

It’s important for a couple to communicate their expectations and boundaries with each other so that they can avoid any sexual discomfort or distress. While some people may not be comfortable with their partner’s desire to lick or sniff their armpits, there are many others who are very happy to have this as part of their sex life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to explore different ways to have sex.

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Armpit Fetish

Many people are surprised to learn that some men and women feel sexually turned on by the smell of an armpit. This is particularly true for hairy armpits, but sweaty ones also appeal to some. People with this fetish enjoy licking, sniffing, or even penetrating their partner’s armpits. They may ask their partners not to wash or shower or use deodorant so that the natural pheromones that are produced can enhance the experience.

One of the most extreme forms of this fetish is called axillism. In this sexual act, the fetishist uses his or her penis to penetrate the partner’s armpits, similar to the way a vagina or anus is penetrated. This sexual activity is often intensely pleasurable, and people with this fetish may enjoy sex in this manner until they reach climax.

Licking or sniffing an armpit is arousing for some people, although it can tickle their partner as well. To minimize this discomfort, lubrication can be used. Some people with this fetish may enjoy placing the penis between their teeth and masticating the area, which is also highly pleasurable. The euphoria caused by this activity is often comparable to that of other types of sex, such as oral, anal, or genital penetration. Armpit sex is also considered to be a relatively safe sex alternative, especially when the proper hygiene is followed.

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