What is Rigger Sex?

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Rigger sex is a form of kink that involves restraining a submissive partner. It is important to discuss boundaries and emotional needs before engaging in a rigger scene. It also helps to establish safe words and check in frequently throughout the scene.

While rigger play is fun, it can be dangerous if done improperly. Injuries can be temporary or permanent, so it is important to learn the ropes before trying this type of kink.


Rigging refers to the installation and set-up of equipment for load shifting. This includes all forms of mechanical load shifting, from transporting manufacturing machines in factories to X-ray machines in hospitals to storage silos on farms. It also includes moving oversized loads in confined spaces and at heights. Riggers use cranes, hoists, load moving dollies and hydraulic jacks to move these loads. Riggers must also know how to calculate the weight, suspension and balance of these loads before they can move them.

The word rig first appeared in English around 1721 in Nathan Bailey’s Universal Etymological English Dictionary. It was used to describe someone who could be described as “deceitful or dishonest.” It later shifted to a canting slang term that was often associated with crooks and swindlers, such as house-breakers, shop-lifters, foot-pads and highway men. In the 18th century, rigging also referred to a stock scheme that involved cornering the market in a public company.

In animation, a rig is a network of interconnected digital bones that indicate the position and movement of 3D character models. This enables animators to manipulate and modify the characters without having to manually draw each frame by hand. The bones are typically created with the aid of software, such as Maya, which has two main types of rigs: IK and FK. IK rigs work by following the movement of a model, while FK rigs follow each joint, such as the upper arm, elbow and wrist.

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Rigger kink is a form of rope bondage that involves tying a submissive partner up in a variety of ways to heighten arousal and encourage deep connection. The power exchange involved in this type of kink creates a unique level of intimacy that can foster a powerful D/s relationship. It is important to discuss boundaries and desires with your rigger before a scene and to establish safe words so you both feel comfortable and empowered.

Binding can be done for sexual pleasure or for more artistic purposes. Some riggers enjoy the pure look of rope bonds and find it an artistic hobby. Others use it for more explicit kinks like suspension rigging, in which the Rope Bottom is hoisten above the ground with rope or suspended on bamboo poles or wooden rings.

The binds used in rigger play are not only decorative but also provide a high degree of comfort and security for the Rope Bottom. The rigger should make sure to choose the right rope for their needs and consider factors like thickness, durability, tensile strength, and elasticity. It is also important to check in regularly during a session to ensure that the ties are tight enough for comfort but not so tight that they cut off circulation or cause pain. If there is any numbness, tingling, or pain, the rigger should loosen the bindings immediately.

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Riggers can enjoy tying themselves up, but many also love to bind and restrain other people for pleasure. This is called rigger kink, and it is a form of rope bondage that dances between sex and art. It is a form of restraint that can be intense, sensual, and emotional. It requires a high level of trust and intimacy between a rigger and a rope bunny.

Edgeplay is the teasing and exploration of the limits of physical and emotional safety. While this type of play can be dangerous, it is not meant to cause harm. Those who practice it usually do not wish to endanger themselves or their partners, but they want to explore the thrill of coming close to death or subspace. The experience can be exhilarating and orgasmic, and is often described as “la petite mort” (“the little death”).

It’s important for a rigger to practice tying himself before he or she tries out riger kink with a partner. This is to ensure that they can properly tie up their partner without hurting them or causing injuries. The rigger should also discuss their boundaries, emotions, and desires with their partner before they start playing. They should also establish multiple safe words and gestures to make sure that the scene stays enjoyable and CONSENSUAL.

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Riggers can use their knowledge of rope and knots to perform a variety of bondage techniques. Depending on the needs of their partners, they may choose to bind them in ways that restrict movement or increase tension. They also understand how to communicate with their partners and use safe words. This is important because it allows the rigger to check in with their model throughout the scene to ensure their safety and well-being.

It takes a lot of skill to tie someone up just right so they don’t hurt themselves or leave marks. The rigger knows what type of knots to use and how much pressure they can apply without causing injury. They also know how to use a harness or other safety equipment to keep the model secure during the scene.

The rigger also knows how to adjust the ropes to prevent them from becoming too tight or cutting off circulation. They also know when to stop tying so the model can relax and let the sensations take over. If they notice any numbness or tingling, the rigger should stop immediately.

Rigger kink is an interesting and sexually stimulating form of BDSM that can be used for both dominance and submission play. It is often associated with sadism and masochism, but it can be enjoyed by people of any sexual orientation. It is important to discuss boundaries and desires with your partner before engaging in a riger scene, as it can be very uncomfortable for both parties.

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