Best Sex Position For First Timers

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The first time you have sex with someone can be nerve-wracking and a bit awkward. It’s essential to pick a position that is easy for both partners.

A good option for first timers is the missionary position. It allows for deep penetration and access to the woman’s G-spot while maintaining eye contact.

Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl is a great position for first timers because it’s easy and allows you to control the pace of penetration. It also provides a different angle of stimulation for both partners that can lead to deeper orgasms.

With this position, your partner lies down on their back with their legs extended straight out in front of them and you sit straddled on top of them. Your bottom partner can insert their penis or a sex toy into their vagina while you hold eye contact and enjoy a moment of intimacy and connection with each other.

Then, when you’re ready to get down to business, you can both suck hard and grind together. The best part is, you can change the rhythm as often as you like. “This is a really good position for first-timers because it’s less intense than other positions like the Missionary,” Smith says.

If you feel comfortable with this woman-on-top position but want to add a little spice, try adding some of the variations on this position. For instance, a simple variation of regular cowgirl involves the man positioning his knees so the woman can rub her pelvic area against them during penetration, while still maintaining the ease of control and intimacy of the original cowgirl – This section comes from the portal’s editor It also gives her more room to clit and grind without having to look into his eyes the whole time if she feels that might be too intense or intimidating.

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In this position the person on top can control the depth of penetration, it is also great for those who are not ready to explore anything more than oral sex. If you are both feeling comfortable in this position you can try bondage as well to spice things up.

You can also try a variation on missionary by placing one or two pillows underneath your partner’s pelvis. This will lift their pelvis slightly making it easier to penetrate. It’s a good way to add a new dimension to your sexual exploration and can be fun for couples of all experience levels.

Another good way to go deeper than missionary is by doing prone rear-entry. This is similar to cowgirl but it’s better for women who might find it intimidating to be in a more dominant position or who are more sensitive to the force of thrusting.

To do prone rear-entry have your partner lie on her back as in missionary but with her legs splayed like the spooning cuddle position. Then you lie behind her and enter her missionary style, but from a perpendicular position so the thrusting isn’t as strong and intense. This allows her to envelop your penis deep and grind against it with her clitoris and vulva without the long wild thrusts that can push men past their limit and cause them to lose control.

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Dragon Position

Having sex for the first time with a new partner can be scary and exciting. There’s the exhilaration of discovering a whole new world of sweet spots and distinct turn-ons and kinks that you never knew about before. But there’s also the nerves, the fear of how you will feel and whether you are sexually compatible with your new partner at all.

One way to ease the nerves is by trying a position that isn’t too hard on your partner. Dragon Pose is one of the best sex positions for first time because it allows you to feel all the sensations of penetration without feeling too much pressure on your neck or back. The position also involves a circular stimulation that slowly electrifies your entire vagina and anus, triggering super-strong orgasms.

Other good sex positions for first time are missionary and fusion, but the important thing is to communicate with your partner about what feels comfortable and safe. This will ensure a positive experience and make it more enjoyable for both of you. Also, remember to use protection to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

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The first time you try a new sex position, it can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Choosing a sex position that will be comfortable for both partners can help to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for everyone involved. Experimenting with different positions can help both partners discover their unique pleasures, which turns on and turns off them, and lead to a deeper sense of intimacy and trust between the pair.

One of the best sex positions for first time is the spooning position, which allows the person on top to touch and massage their partner’s erogenous zones before penetration, giving them the chance to get to know their partner. If the person on top feels ready, they can also stimulate their partner’s clitoris with their hands or tongue for added sensations.

For a first-timer who wants to move from spooning to deep penetration, they can elevate their knees by sitting up and leaning against a table or bed frame for support. This will allow them to thrust more deeply with less pressure on the vulva, which is especially sensitive for first-timers.

Whatever position you choose for your first time, it’s important to communicate throughout the act. Listen to your partner’s verbal and non-verbal cues, and pay attention to how their body reacts, so you can respond accordingly. And don’t forget to use protection, if necessary, to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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