Best Sexual Position to Start Labor

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While it isn’t proven to induce labor, sex can help to stimulate the cervix and trigger contractions. Moreover, orgasms during sexual activity can make your contractions more productive than they would be otherwise.

For this reason, experts recommend trying positions that allow for deep penetration. These will also promote the release of oxytocin, which can help to initiate contractions.

Doggy Style

Doggy Style is a sex position in which one partner gets on hands and knees while the other kneels behind them. It’s an excellent position for beginners who want to try something different, and it can also be used with other sex positions like the Cowgirl or Drill.

The doggy style is similar to the missionary sex position, but with a few key differences. During doggy style, the receiving partner is submissive and is assumed to be the “go-getter.” It’s important to remember that when you’re trying a new sexual position, both partners need to get themselves worked up to make it enjoyable. It can be easy to go straight into the doggy style and fail, but if you’re patient enough and have the right amount of foreplay, doggy style is a great position that can offer some serious depth.

In addition to being a hot sex position, the doggy style is an excellent way to get direct clitoral stimulation during sex, which can help you reach climax faster. To increase the sensation, try experimenting with a variety of angles. If you have sensitive skin, try putting some lubrication on your crotch before trying this position.

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To make the doggy style even more intense, try a variation called standing doggy. In this variation, the pregnant partner stands and bends over a surface like the edge of the bed while the giving partner kneels behind them. It’s a great way to take the intimacy of doggy style to a whole new level, and it can be a good option for women who find that regular doggy style is too painful. However, be careful if you’re trying this version for the first time because some women may feel pain in their abdomen.


While the seated ball rock position is a great choice for pregnant women who want to try to stimulate their cervix to start labor, it can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, other sex positions that are both mutually satisfying and can help with clitoral stimulation may be less taxing. For instance, the cowgirl sex position is a great choice for pregnant women. It involves the receptive partner straddling, squatting on, or lying on top of their penetrating partner while inserting their penis or dildo into their partner’s vagina or anus. This sex position is also referred to as the cowboy or rider position by some and is suitable for people of any gender identity.

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The beauty of the cowgirl sex position is that it puts the receptive partner in control of the rhythm, depth, and angle of penetration, making it easier to reach orgasm. Moreover, it can be modified to include clitoral stimulation by having the person on top lean back slightly and rub their clitoris against their partner’s pelvic bone. Alternatively, the person on bottom can use their hands to caress their partner’s nipples or neck while in the cowgirl position.

Although the cowgirl position isn’t as challenging as some other sex positions that can help with stimulating the cervix to start labor, it still requires concentration and some practice. Therefore, it’s important for both partners to communicate about what feels comfortable and watch out for potential safety risks. Also, both partners should experiment with other variations of the cowgirl position to find what works best for them. That way, they’ll be able to enjoy more pleasurable sexual experiences in the lead-up to childbirth.

Hovering Butterfly

While this position won’t encourage your baby to enter the birth canal any faster than they’re already ready to do, it does help you bond with your partner in a sweet and intimate way. This position, which is also known as the “missionary” pose, involves the woman facing her partner and placing their faces together. This allows for shallow penetration and direct stimulation of the G-spot, which can release oxytocin to stimulate cervical ripening.

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The woman’s partner then leans over her, caresses the clitoris and breasts, and slowly inserts the penis into the vagina. The woman can control the speed and depth of penetration, making this a comfortable option that many women find stimulating to their orgasms as well. “This is a great position for those that want to be close and have control of their experience, but don’t feel like laying flat on their backs,” Ross tells Romper. She adds that this position may be more effective in those who are experiencing a stalled or breech birth.

While sexual activity during pregnancy is safe for most couples, it’s important to speak with your OB/GYN about your particular pregnancy and whether this method of labor induction is right for you. This is especially true if your water hasn’t broken yet and you’re at risk of infection.

Regardless of which of these positions you and your partner choose, sexual activity in late pregnancy is an important way to promote bonding for the two of you as well as help the body prepare for labor and delivery. It’s a healthy and natural way to help the process along without needing pharmaceutical induction aid, which can be dangerous for both mom and baby. However, if you’re comfortable with it and your doctor gives the green light, don’t be afraid to let loose!

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