Hot Places Outside the Bedroom to Have Sex

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There are plenty of hot places outside of the bedroom to have sex. You could try a picnic table at the park (but beware of joggers).

Backyards are great because they’re outdoors but private. You can also fuck in a hotel room. It’s easy and someone else cleans up afterward!


For certain types of people, the gym is a prime spot to get it on. Between the wafts of body odor, sweat (both the gross and hot kind), and dead skin cells on equipment, it’s easy to see why 25 percent of the 2,000 Brits surveyed by British lingerie and sex toy retailer Ann Summers admitted to hooking up at their fitness clubs.

But a trip to the gym can also come with risks, including an unprotected sex that could lead to STIs or pregnancy. So it’s important to bring a condom with you and use it if the mood strikes. And to avoid getting caught, be sure to stick to the locker rooms and saunas, where you can still maintain some privacy.


Train rides can be a romantic and sensual experience. They’re also a great place to engage in sexy activities without getting caught. Just be careful to avoid breaking the law or injuring yourself and others.

Whether you’re on the subway or in a wagon-lit cabin, trains provide plenty of privacy and a sexy environment. You can have fun with foreplay like stroking each other’s naked butts or engage in light over-the-pants sex.

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You can also try fucking in an abandoned building. Just make sure to use the crouching sex position to minimize your chances of being spotted. Try it out for the thrill of it! Or you could fuck in the shower.


The beach is a classic place for romantic sex. It’s also one of the craziest places to have sex, as there is a lot of sand that can get in your (expletive). A beach bonk is best when the weather is nice.

If you want a more realistic beach experience, try looking for a nude beach in Europe where it’s legal to be naked in public. There are even beaches that cater to swingers.

Other risky spots to have sex include an alley outside of a bar, or the bathroom in a hotel. Obviously, these places should only be used when you’re sure no one is watching. You could also go to a play party to have sex in a public setting.


Having sex in a closet or other confined space can heighten sexual excitement. Add a mirror and you can take it to the next level.

If you’re willing to take the risk of getting caught, a coat closet could be the ideal spot. Or, you could try a bathroom stall or a storage room.

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Other unique sex locations include a rooftop or balcony, a hotel room, a bathtub (shower sex), a tent while camping, or even an abandoned building (if legal and consensual). Just remember to prioritize privacy, safety, and consent. Be sure to use a condom when necessary.

Picnic Table

If you’re able to find an empty one, a picnic table is a great place to have sex. Just make sure to scout out the location ahead of time to ensure privacy. A darkened, little-used stairwell is also a great option. This is especially good if you can’t get the hang of the straddling position.

If you want to do some public sex but don’t feel like going to the beach or a park, try a music festival. Camping is another option for sex in the great outdoors. Just be prepared for bugs and a possible run-in with the park ranger. It’s practically expected to have sex in the woods while hiking, but beware of poison ivy and ticks.


For couples who enjoy semi-public settings, a park can be a good place to try out some public sex. Find a spot that isn’t crowded and spread out a blanket for easy missionary. Some parks have trees that can provide some cover from the eye of anyone passing by. For an extra thrill, consider a hike on a secluded trail!

If the thought of getting caught taints your exhibitionism fantasy, try doing it in an elevator. It’s best done at night or before sunrise, when fewer people are likely to be in the building. You can also do it in a parking lot, preferably on the top floor where it’s less likely that someone will see you.

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Dark Side

If you’re adventurous enough to get away with it (and have the guts), a dark side location could be the perfect place for you and your partner to get down to business. But just be sure to avoid the ones that are dangerous or could hurt people.

A walk-in wardrobe is a great spot to have sex – it’s private, dark and has a mirror, which makes it perfect for foreplay and oral sex. You can also try positions like lotus, missionary, swiss-ball romp and reverse cow girl. A movie theater plunged into darkness is another option that allows you to sneak off for a little romance without being spotted by anyone.


The bedroom is a classic, intimate place for sex, but it’s also fun to experiment with new locations. Some adventurous couples enjoy having sex in their bathroom (though shower sex isn’t a great idea for the woman, since water doesn’t act as lubricant).

Kitchen tables are another good option. The cushions provide extra back support and the low height can be fun for various positions.

Other unique places include a hotel balcony, a dressing room, a public restroom (if it’s clean and empty), or a tent while camping. Just be sure to consider privacy and safety issues when choosing a location.

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