How to Dream About Sex – A Guide to Getting Started

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Everyone has sex dreams. They can be steamy, twisted or even downright weird. But they aren’t necessarily something to be alarmed about.

Dreams about sex are often connected to your feelings, behaviors and thoughts, Loewenberg says. There are also ways to increase your chances of having sexy dreams. Consider trying these techniques before you hit the sack.

Lucid Dreaming

One of the most common reasons people learn how to lucid dream is to experience sexual fantasies. Lucid dreaming is the ability to be conscious in your dreams, and it’s also a way to control what happens in the dreams. It’s not easy to master, but once you do it can feel incredible. Here’s a guide to getting started:

Remembering your dreams every night can help to trigger lucidity, and you can write down what happened in the dream in a journal. This will also boost your dream awareness and give you a sense of personal ownership over the content of your dreams.

You can also try listening to a sexy bedtime story, or even a sexy audio track, before you go to sleep. This will prime your brain for a sexy dream, and can lead to lucid orgasms. In fact, some people have actually physically ejaculated from lucid dreaming.

However, it’s important to note that just because you’re lucid in a dream doesn’t mean your body will experience sex. The physical sensations you feel are based on your expectations and previous experiences, so the sex in a dream may not be exactly like what it would be in real life. If you want to explore sexy dreaming, it’s worth exploring all the possibilities that your brain can conjure up, and don’t be too disappointed if the zebra turns into an attractive woman instead of your perverted uncle.

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Visualizing Your Partner

You can use visualization to your advantage when dreaming about sex. Before bed, think about the attributes you want your ideal partner to have. “The more you can really picture them and feel them, the more likely your brain will play that fantasy out at night,” says Dr Winter. To make it more realistic, set the stage in your mind: imagine mood lighting, candles, sexy music and a vibrator.

If you dreamed about sex with someone who wasn’t your partner in waking life, it could signify that you aren’t satisfied with the current status of your relationship. Alternatively, it could be a reflection of your hormones, fantasies or unresolved feelings about an ex.

Dreams are an internal guidance system and often offer commentary about how we’re living our lives. They can also reveal symbolic images to explore with curiosity, explains Dr Brito. If you are dreaming about a random person or doing something risky, such as shagging a stranger in your dream, it might suggest that you’re ready to start taking some sexual risks in the real world. “Your psyche is trying to get you to open up and take some bolder choices,” she says. “It’s a good thing to do.”

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Changing the Scene

The idea of having a steamy dream is enough to get anyone’s juices flowing, but that doesn’t mean your fantasies have to be limited to a hot lover or a naked beach. Sexy dreams about a hot stranger, a celebrity, or even your own body can be as exciting—and sensual—as any waking relationship.

In fact, dreams about a threesome or an orgy can indicate that you feel like your life is too structured and boring, and that sexual fantasies may be an outlet. Dreams of group sex may also point to feelings of jealousy and inadequacy, or they could simply suggest that you’re craving more passion in your life.

Getting into the right state of mind before you go to sleep is key for dreaming about sex. One way to do this is by masturbating until you reach orgasm before settling in for sleep. Another is by listening to erotic stories, like those found on the app Dipsea’s bedtime stories section, before you drift off to sleep. You can also try doing a body scan before you go to sleep, focusing on each part of your body and identifying how it feels. This can help you become more lucid in your dreams as well.

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Listening to Erotic Stories

If you’re an avid listener of podcasts, try incorporating one or more erotic podcast into your bedtime routine. Listening to a sexy story while you sleep can actually help you dream about sex, according to experts. Just remember to keep it clean and respectful and you’re good to go.

It’s also worth noting that sex in dreams doesn’t always indicate sexual desire. It could simply be a sign that you’re craving emotional or psychological union with someone in your life. A sexy dream about your bestie might not mean you want to jump their bones IRL, but it’s probably an indication that you have some sort of bond with them.

The last thing you should know is that it may take time to make a sexy dream happen, especially when you’re trying something new. But if you’re patient and consistent, you should see progress over time. The most important part is to keep thinking about the sex you want to dream about and actually picturing it. The more you do this during the day, the more likely your brain will translate those thoughts at night. Best of luck! We hope you find these tips helpful. If you do, please share them with your friends! Cheers, XoXo.

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