How to Use a Sex Wedge

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Normal pillows can be difficult to use for sex. They flatten out pretty easily and aren’t good at providing much lift.

A sex wedge is a better option for this purpose. It can elevate the receiver for different positions and provide new sensations. Here are some ways you can use one: 1. Missionary.

Deep Penetration

If you use a sex pillow that is designed to be worn in the crotch, you can elevate your vulva for deep penetration and improved anal sex. To do this, orient the wedge with its longer side down on the floor or bed and the shorter side facing your partner. Then, laying on top with the pelvis on the wedge (like in missionary or doggy) lifts the vulva up to a better position for deep stimulation and more amazing g-spot sensations!

Wedge sex pillows are also great for enhancing orgasms while doing oral sex. If you are giving oral sex with a dildo or vibrator, you can place the wedge under your vulva for bouncing and grinding that will boost pleasure and increase orgasms. You can even use a wedge to give clitoral stimulation for more amazing orgasms!

Unlike most sex toys that feature vibrations and rotations, a sex wedge can be used for pleasure without extra devices or power. Just be sure to clean the wedge regularly to prevent a buildup of moisture. It is also recommended to purchase a sex wedge that has a zipper so you can easily remove the fabric cover for cleaning. You can also try a sex pillow that is made from foam that is coated in a water-resistant material for an easy and safe wash.

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Oral Sex

A sex wedge elevates the hips into new positions for oral sex, which adds intense sensations and increases orgasms. This is especially beneficial when there’s a height difference between the penetrator and the person being penetrated because it makes it easier to reach those clitorises and get mind-blowing g-spot stimulation.

To enjoy oral sex with a sex wedge, position the narrow end under the receiver’s hips for missionary. Then, they can lean back against the short leg of the ramp for a ride that’s smooth and satisfying, making it easier to grind the clitoris and labia for earth-shattering orgasms. This also helps reduce neck strain for the giver, which can make them even more aroused and ready to pleasure the vulva owner in a way that’s deeply satisfying.

You can also use a sex pillow for a standing doggy position by positioning the pillow under your partner’s knees at a comfortable height. Then, they can straddle you and lean back to open themselves up for deeper penetration and incredible g-spot stimulation. This is also a good option if they have a hard time getting up and down off the bed, as it lifts their knees up and gives them a stable platform to stand on. Just remember to keep the pillow clean, which is easy to do since most sex pillows have removable covers you can throw directly in the washer.

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Clitoral Stimulation

If you’re interested in oral or vaginal sex, a wedge can help. “It elevates the hips and butt to help with new positions like missionary, doggy style, and other kinky positions,” Lovehoney’s sex expert Megan Fleming says. And it helps to reach the clitoris, which is hard to get at when a woman is lying on their back.

Using the wedge in missionary or doggy-style positions lets the partner go inside the vulva and stimulate it with their fingers, lips, or a vibrator. It also lets them reach the clitoral ridge, which has “legs” that look like wishbones that rest up against the pelvic bone and can be stimulated in a variety of ways.

The wedge can also make it easier for partners to reach their anus, and for the bottom to ride their partner in a wheelbarrow position. This position can feel sexy and satisfying on both sides, especially for those with longer anusses.

A sex wedge can also take the leg-on-shoulders position to new heights. The larger part of the pillow can be placed under the back to elevate the torso, and the smaller wedge can be used to hold the legs up over the shoulders. This allows for new angles, and may be more comfortable if you’re worried about your roommates catching on to what you’re doing in the bedroom.

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Using a wedge during oral sex can elevate the pleasure of this position. It helps the giving partner reach the climax in a matter of seconds and increases sensation for both partners. It also makes it easier to access the clitoris without the need for deep penetration or extra leverage on the neck. It’s a great option for people with mobility challenges or who struggle to assume certain sex positions due to aches or pains.

There are a variety of sex pillows and wedges available that help people try new sex positions and angles. One example is the Pillo sex pillow from Dame that has a larger wedge part under your hips and a smaller part for the back to lift you up in several positions. It is designed to be a little more discreet than standard bed pillows and comes with a removable, waterproof cover that can be easily washed.

Another option is the sex ramp and wedge combo from sex furniture experts Liberator. This plush red pillow looks like a regular pillow and blends into the bedroom decor. It has a thicker foam than typical bed pillows and has a velvety, removable cover that’s easy to clean between uses. This pillow can take your missionary sex position to the next level, help you get to the G-zone with ease and elevate many other sexy positions you can explore together.

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