Why Do I Feel Nauseous During Sex?

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Nausea after sex can be caused by many things. It can also be a sign of serious health issues.

First, it’s important to realize that nausea after sex is not a normal symptom – This part was constructed by the service’s editors https://hotsexyandbigtits.com. It’s also not a sign that you’re pregnant or have already conceived. It is, however, a common concern among women.


If you’re feeling queasy after a steamy bedroom session, it’s not necessarily because of your performance or the act itself. The nausea could be due to a variety of things, including food or drink you consumed before getting down or your overall health.

If the queasiness you feel during sex is accompanied by pain or other symptoms, it may be an indication of a pelvic problem like endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. It can also be a sign of a urinary tract infection, which often causes nausea. In other cases, the pain and nausea may be a result of a more serious issue like ovarian cysts.

Nausea after sex can also be a side effect of some medications, including anti-nausea drugs used to treat motion sickness. In addition, consuming alcohol or drugs prior to sex can sometimes cause this reaction as well.

It’s not unheard of for people to feel nauseated after sex, especially if they are doing deep penetration or rocking back and forth vigorously. This is because this can exacerbate motion sickness in some people.

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Another reason for nausea after sex is that it could be a symptom of an allergy to a partner’s semen. This is known as Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity and is rare, but can occur.

Lastly, nausea after sex can be caused by emotional trauma or depression. If the person you are having sex with reminds you of a past traumatic event, it can cause feelings of disgust and nausea. If you are experiencing this, it is important to discuss the issue with your partner and consider counseling if necessary. While it’s not normal to experience nausea after sex, most of the time it is harmless and can be easily remedied with some lifestyle changes or over-the-counter medication.


It’s one thing to feel nauseated after sex — but nausea during sex? That’s a whole other story. It’s not normal, and it may mean something serious is up. Here, intimate health experts reveal why it might happen, and what to do about it.

If you’re feeling sick to your stomach right after or during sex, it could be an early sign of pregnancy, Dr. Gupta says. It’s also possible that you have an underlying issue, like pelvic pain or dysmenorrhea (painful spasms of the uterus lining during orgasm). In either case, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out these issues.

But if you’re not pregnant and your GP can’t pinpoint the cause, it could be a sign of “sex anxiety,” Dr. Lakhani explains. That’s because sexual trauma and stress can make you nauseous, especially if it’s triggered by a certain position or type of sex.

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It’s also worth mentioning your symptoms to your partner, as they might have some suggestions to help you feel better. They might try switching positions or using lube, which can make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Or, if you’re getting really intense sex, it might be a sign of motion sickness, Dr. Carey says. That’s because rocking back and forth during sex can exacerbate queasiness the same way it makes you feel in cars or boats.

Another potential cause of nausea during sex is deep penetration, or the penis going so far into you that it hits your cervix. This can be painful and distracting, Dr. Lakhani says, and can lead to nausea because your body is trying to cope with the discomfort. To avoid this, be sure to use plenty of lube and change positions frequently to control how deeply you’re penetrated.


Feeling queasy after sex isn’t always a bad thing, but it’s important to be aware of what could be causing your nausea so you can take steps to prevent it. Whether that means ramping up your foreplay or using condoms to prevent direct contact with your partner’s semen, there are some steps you can take to make your time in the bedroom more enjoyable.

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Nausea after sex can often be a sign of dehydration, so making sure you drink enough water is important. This should be around 6-8 glasses a day (more on hot days and when you’re exercising). If your nausea is accompanied by pain in the pelvic area, this may be a sign of a UTI. If you’re worried, speak to your GP as they can prescribe antibiotics.

It’s also possible that your nausea is caused by over-zealous penetration. During sex, you can accidentally swallow lubrication, which can cause vomiting, or it could be an allergic reaction to something in the lubrication like an ingredient you’re sensitive to. If you’re experiencing this, try lubricating less or changing to a different brand of lubrication.

Another reason you might be feeling nauseous after sex is that the penetration went too deep, explains Dr Grace Huang. This can cause pain, including nausea, and can even be life-threatening if it causes a ruptured cyst or fibroid.

Getting sick after sex can also be a sign of an allergy to your partner’s semen, says Reed. This isn’t a common problem, but it can happen and is called Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity. If you suspect this is the case, talk to your gynecologist about a blood test. In some cases, the allergies can be treated with anti-nausea medication. In more serious situations, a gynecologist may suggest an ultrasound or surgery.

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