How Does Sex Feel For Men?

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Sex feels different to every person, even for people in the same gender. For instance, sex for affirmation can feel very different than sex for pleasure in long-term monogamous relationships.

Many men have tried to describe how sex feels for them and their responses are both hilarious and cringeworthy. But what do they really feel?

1. It’s life’s most thrilling adventure

Men love sex because it feels like life’s most thrilling adventure. It’s a time where they can be completely themselves, where boundaries feel like they’re dissolving and they can feel each other in every nook and cranny of their body. This feeling is what makes sex so addictive and why it can be difficult to give up.

Sex releases a chemical called Oxytocin, which creates trust and closeness between partners. This is important for any relationship and it’s the reason why sex is so bonding. However, many people think that sex only means penis-in-vagina penetration and that’s really a huge disservice to all the other ways that couples can explore their sexual pleasure together.

For instance, men often enjoy playing with their partner’s nipples (they have thousands of nerve endings there) and the skin on their thighs. They also like having their anus squeezed, or the area below the anus pulled, to stimulate the nerves in there. And while some men may orgasm without ejaculating, it’s still very pleasurable for them to do so.

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2. It’s the way he gives love

Men may not always be able to articulate what sex feels like, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Men can express their pleasure in many ways: moans, groans, and other physical expressions. They can also feel it in their brains, which respond to specific spots and organs during sex. Anal sex can feel different than vaginal sex, for example, because different spots and organs are stimulated.

Once men reach orgasm, they typically don’t want the experience to end. They are in a state of pure bliss that can last for seconds or hours. During this time, they feel happy, warm, and sleepy as a chemical called Oxytocin is released in their bodies.

When a man gives love through sex, it can feel like he’s finally home. This is a release from the world’s hurts and challenges, and a way to give back to the woman or girl that he loves. For most men, this is the most rewarding part of sex. He gets to enjoy the gratifying pleasure of giving his partner what they need and deserve.

3. It’s a craving for chocolates

As with any craving, there’s a bit of a rush and anticipation. For a guy, this might mean he starts thinking about a certain move his partner could do that would make him feel good. Or he might start anticipating the pleasure he’ll get by touching a specific part of his own body.

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Once the actual act of sex is happening, his pleasure center starts releasing oxytocin, which feels like love and affection. And his swollen penis becomes more sensitive as blood fills the spongy tissue inside the shaft at up to 50 times normal speed.

He might sigh or moan during sex, and his eyes might flicker and he’ll take slower breaths. He might be more relaxed and less self-conscious, which can make him more comfortable telling his partner what moves they both enjoy. And of course, he’ll also be more likely to pay attention to the verbal feedback. He might want to switch to something different if his partner says it doesn’t feel right or wants more intensity. If not, he might try to stay with what’s working and keep building on it.

4. It’s the way he pushes through daily monotony

Men love to feel like they’re overcoming the monotony of everyday life with their partner. Sex is a way to do just that. Every touch, stroke, and act is a new adventure that he’s willing to take on because it feels good.

In many heterosexual relationships, it’s still expected that men will be the doers and pursuers of sex. That can be hard for some guys because they don’t want to feel like their sexuality isn’t enough.

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Unlike women, a man’s physical sexual response is centered around one organ – their penis. That makes it easier for them to experience pleasure because there’s one spot to focus their attention. It also means that sex can feel a lot different for each man because there are four stages to sexual pleasure. Men go through these stages at different times and in varying intensity because everyone’s body is unique. These stages are:

5. It’s the way he’s desired by his partner

Despite the fact that you may not think so, men do feel sexually desirable by their partners. It’s a part of a relationship that helps them build trust and intimacy. In addition, sex elicits the release of the chemical Oxytocin which is also known as the “love hormone”.

Generally, a man will feel most satisfied during the lust stage of sex. However, he may also want to explore other types of pleasure. This is why he is so open to new positions, rhythms, and textures in bed.

Some sex experiences can feel like playtime when he is completely immersed in you and the two of you act out made-up games. This immersive experience is what he craves.

A study from 2021 found that many men want to feel desired by their partner during sex. This includes tender words of affection and sexual caressing. For example, one man in the study said he loved when his partner told him that he was the most handsome man he had ever seen. Another guy said he loved it when his girlfriend would caress and kiss him during sex.

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