How to Use a Sex Pillow

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With the right support, sex pillows can facilitate a number of positions that make anal penetration easier, more pleasurable and more comfortable. They’re also great for masturbation and, in some cases, can be used as vibrator mounts for hands-free use.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular being wedges, ramps and half moons. The classic Liberator wedge is shaped just like it sounds and can elevate the pelvis for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation.


There are a few different types of sex pillows out there. Many are shaped like a wedge, while others are triangular and feature a ramp that gradually angles down. Depending on your needs, one of these pillows may be more useful than another.

While sex pillows might sound kinky at first, Ms Otten points out that they’re great for helping to position the body in ways that can lead to more orgasms. They’re also great for people who have difficulty getting into certain positions on their own, she says.

One popular position is called the cowgirl pose, in which the woman — or vulva — lies on top of the pillow and lets it prop up her hips and pelvis. This position can intensify orgasms and encourage deeper penetration, she says.

This inflatable sex pillow is perfect for anyone looking to take their masturbation to the next level. Not only does it lift the hips for more intense penetration, but it has a hole that fits a dildo or vibrator so you can ride and grind hands-free. This pillow has tons of five-star reviews and can be used for a variety of positions, including anal and doggy style. It even has a soft, comfy memory foam top that’s great for when you accidentally fall asleep on it post-hookup.

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Many sex pillows come in different shapes and sizes, making them versatile for a variety of needs and positions. Whether you’re looking for anal support, prostate comfort or new angles for penetrative or oral sex, a sex pillow can make the experience more enjoyable and easier to accomplish.

A wedge-shaped pillow is a good choice for raising hips, knees or thighs during anal sex to alleviate general discomfort or for providing leverage for thrusting. A ramp-shaped pillow, such as Liberator’s classic Wedge or its eponymous replacement, is great for increasing penetration and stimulating the G-spot. Another popular style is a curved half moon pillow, which can be placed behind your neck to give you a boost or as a comfortable support during orgasms.

Some sex pillows have fun add-on features like holes that hold a clito toy or clip adapters to hold cuffs. But not all pillows are created equal, so be sure to read the label and look for a removable cover that is machine washable. Also check the filling to see if it’s a material that could cause a skin reaction, as some people are sensitive to certain materials.

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Sex pillows are a must-have for couples who want to increase their sexual pleasure. They’re even great for solo play, as they can help you find new sexy angles and enhance existing positions. And, as always, remember to practice safe sex and respect your partner(s).


A sex pillow isn’t just for intercourse—it can also help you explore new positions in your solo play. As a result, it can transform the feel of familiar sexual positions and open up a whole new area for stimulation.

For the first timer, it may take some trial and error to find a position that feels good for you with a sex pillow. Fortunately, most are designed to be used in multiple ways—you can just experiment until you find one that you love.

As with all new toys, it’s important to discuss the use of a sex pillow with your partner(s) before bringing it into the bedroom. That way, everyone understands the rules and knows what to expect if there are any mishaps. Also, be sure to choose a sex pillow that’s compatible with your favorite dildo or vibrator and that is machine-washable. This will help reduce the risk of potential STIs.

Luckily, sex pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Many look similar to a regular pillow, but they’re often firm enough for a variety of uses. In addition, orthopedic pillows meant to relieve back and neck pain can be a great option for sex play since they often come in wedge form that are ideal for a number of positions. Plus, they’re usually a lot cheaper than built-for-sex pillows.

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While sex pillows might sound kinky at first glance—and they certainly can be used for kink play—they’re designed to elevate sexual experience. “They offer new angles and positions to explore during penetration with a partner or solo,” says Carol Queen, a certified sexologist for Good Vibrations (opens in a new tab). And though you might have put a regular pillow from your bed under your bum during sex, these pillows are specifically designed for the job with a variety of shapes and textures.

Sex pillows are made from high-density or memory foam surrounded by a soft fabric with a removable cover that’s easy to clean. They’re shaped like ramps, mounts, domes, cylinders, wedges, and more to support the sex position you want to get into. They come in a range of sizes too, from regular to plus size.

Some have a built-in toy mount for holding vibrators or dildos so you can grind and hump hands-free. And they’re usually a lot thicker than your standard bed pillow, which makes them comfortable even for the longest of orgasms.

Depending on how it’s positioned, you can use a sex pillow to lift the receiving partner’s hips and back during oral sex. It can also add leverage for deeper penetration during thrusting and anal, or help you achieve doggy-style sex.

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